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Display Your Website And Blog On iPhone, iPad Or Android Using Web Touch

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Now a days every users of the phone access internet through their smartphones like iPhone, iPad, Android Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung etc. even i too access Facebook, Twitter and Websites but only when i outside from my office or home. I think half of the phone users now have a iPhone which they feel comfortable by accessing internet and when accessing definitely they can view your website and if your website is not compatibale with smartphones specially iPhone than the users never come back again to your website through smartphones. Here i have found the Javascript library called “Web Touch“.This is the open source script which you can easily use on unlimited websites or blog.

web touch

Web 2.0 Touch is a concise JavaScript library for touch devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) or anything that runs on WebKit engine. Below is a short list of features.

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Dynamic page loads
  • Hardware accelerated transitions
  • Several CSS themes
  • EdgeToEdge and Rounded lists
  • Native looking tabs
  • Native looking buttons
  • Regular and Modal Overlays
  • Much more…

Web Touch is an open source project that you can participate in. To participate, fork it on and push your changes for the review when you are completed.


Online Demo – only WebKit browsers

Download – beta 2, October 12, 2011 – beta 1, August 22, 2011