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50 Happy New Year 2011 Wallpapers

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These of all really creative new year wallpapers can share to all of your loved ones because these of all latest collection from different beautiful resource, they also have celebration mood with graphical desktop wallpapers. Hope you all will like these and share comments on it.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Wallpapers With Themes

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Another great post i am posting the game called Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops wallpapers volume 2 with Windows 7 themes. Here is HD quality 45 wallpapers with Windows Startup and Shutdown music Plus windows cursor too. so this is a complete package on one topic.

Shutdown & Startup COD Music


COD Black Ops Theme


COD Black Ops Cursor


Please let me know if you have any other collection.

70+ High Quality Christmas Wallpapers

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Christmas is going on the way only same few days left. Everyone started decorating their home, shop and companies. Why forget to give few minutes to make your desktop more looking by these christmas wallpapers. These are high quality and i hope you like it. I will post more christmas wallpapers before the christmas and i also have to post New year wallpapers, will do this later.

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50 Landscape Wallpapers

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This is my first topic regarding the landscape wallpapers, previously i posted other wallpapers like nature. This is also have 50 HQ wallpapers.These wallpapers will decorate your desktop with nice effects.

1 redfox

2 redfox

3 redfox

4 redfox

5 redfox

6 redfox

7 redfox

8 redfox

10 redfox

11 redfox

12 redfox

13 redfox

14 redfox

15 redfox

16 redfox

17 redfox

18 redfox

19 redfox

20 redfox

21 redfox

22 redfox

23 redfox

24 redfox

25 redfox

26 redfox

27 redfox

28 redfox

29 redfox

30 redfox

31 redfox

32 redfox

33 redfox

34 redfox

35 redfox

36 redfox

37 redfox

38 redfox

39 redfox

40 redfox

42 redfox

43 redfox

44 redfox

45 redfox

46 redfox

47 redfox

48 redfox

49 redfox

50 redfox