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Track Your Real Time Analytics Visitors Through ChartBeat

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We have already seen many website provide stats counter which gives you how many visitors has been visit per day but they unable to provide you real time analytics information and referring site, as in my experience, i have used many stats counter like StatCounter, Google Analytics, Sitemeter, Awstats and many others analytics scripts. Now finally i have found ChartBeat real time analytics which gives you live information about which visitors comes from which website (Referral) and in which page the visitors was stick and how much time.

Real Time Analytics

The best features of ChartBeat i like is Engagement & Conversation. In Engagement you can see how many visitors are reading, writing and idle and in Conversation, you can see how many visitors tweet your post, so you can able to say thanks to them.

Real Time Analytics

But also note ChartBeat is not free of cost by those features, it is free 30 days trial month and than you have to pay starting at just $9.95/month depends on which plan you want to go.


I am using still using 30 days trial period but than i will than become the real member of ChartBeat. This is my based review, you can leave your review about how chartbeat working for you on real time analytics.