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Colouring The Character In Photoshop

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Sketching is not too hard but the colouring the character is always confusing because we have to match the character with their colors. If you make good character and colors are dump than definitely your portrait or drawing will be rejected by everyone. So if you don’t want to like negative feedback from others than you should see this photoshop tutorials. This tutorials developed by German Artist “Gold Seven” from deviantart who covers the characters which normally sketched and than colorize the characters step wise step, however the whole tutorial are covered on single image format so you can download the image file and follow their directions.

colouring the character

Mind Blowing Magic Effect On Photoshop For Download

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I recently read my email and found someone drop the email with the photoshop file. I checked and really awesome they have created, however the sender not written their name, so i unable to tell which author is send this file to me. Anyway magic effect on photoshop is mind blowing. This file is seperated layers by layers so it is easily to edit layers. I uploaded this file on mediafire so you can downloaded and use it on banners and posters. Thanks to the anonymous author for sharing this magic effect on photoshop.

Magic Effect On Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorials

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Photoshop CS5 tutorials as typographic skills, text editing results, image manipulations, image editing, image enhancement and print media designs. We Hope it will help you to obtain some new useful strategies and capabilities. So lets  start photoshop cs5 tutorials without writing too much

Dance – Photoshop digital art tutorial

Welcome to a new photoshop digital artwork tutorial. It was asked for by so several men and women that I had no other choice but to compose it. In this tutorial I’ll display you how to make a dancing girl surrounded by colourful lights and other elements.

Just before I begin, I want you to know that when I produced this I had no intention on producing a tutorial. I manufactured this artwork prolonged prior to I had this internet site. I say this since I will not be ready to give you all sources needed to comply with this tutorial but it might assist you understand the tactics. The unique PSD file has some a lot more stuff on it not explained in the tutorial.

photoshop cs5 tutorials

Create Bestial Textured Typography

In this tutorial we are heading to produce exciting, sensible, bestial textured, 3D typography in Photoshop using CS5′s Repousse device. Let us get started out!

Create Animal Textured Typography

Knowledge Gentle, Shading, and Shadow in Photoshop

Photoshop is an excellent device for manipulating photographs but it can also be used as a signifies to generate spectacular digital art. This tutorial is part of a twenty five-component video clip tutorial series demonstrating everything you will need to have to know to start off producing electronic artwork in Photoshop. Electronic Artwork for Novices, by Adobe Licensed Specialist and Instructor, Martin Perhiniak will commence by instructing you how to draw in Photoshop. At the summary of this collection you will know all you want to create your own concept art and matte paintings in Photoshop.

Today’s tutorial Component eight: Knowledge Gentle, Shading, and Shadow in Photoshop will clarify how to use different varieties of lights to support you define 3 dimensional objects. We will also talk about how to produce an appropriate shadow presented a gentle supply and how that light will influence objects in your scene. Let us get began!

Understanding Light, Shading, and Shadow in Photoshop

Produce a Comprehensive Person Interface for an iPad Application

In this tutorial we will display you how to style a comprehensive consumer interface for an audio-themed iPad application. We will layout this application making use of a retina display resolution and will make use of Photoshop’s shape layers and layer styles. Let us get began!

Create a Detailed User Interface for an iPad Application

Make Earthy 3D Typography in Photoshop – Psd Premium Tutorial

In this Psd Premium tutorial, writer Ed Lopez will exhibit how to produce an earthy 3D typographic piece utilizing Photoshop’s 3D tools. This tutorial is readily available solely to Top quality Members. If you are searching to just take your typography skills to the subsequent degree then Log in or Be a part of Now to get started out!

Create Earthy 3D Typography in Photoshop – Psd Premium Tutorial

Adobe CS5 Style Premium Box Artwork in Photoshop

We have been getting tutorials tips and we really like that due to the fact there are some fantastic concepts for tutorials. This a single is exactly that, nicely not truly just since considering that I saw the box of the Cs 5 suite I constantly wished to try to recreate that in Photoshop, but somehow I had forgotten right up until I go through the e mail with the suggestion.

So in this tutorial I will display you how to create a design like the 1 we see on the Adobe Cs five Design Top quality Box. The tutorial is possibly the longest I have ever before published, but it&#8217s not complicated at all. In fact it&#8217s pretty basic and we will be playing with pattern a lot. If you want to produce the style of the Photoshop Cs 5 box for illustration, it will be fairly significantly the identical process.

Adobe CS5 Design Premium Box Artwork in Photoshop

Make a Cosmic Scene with Photoshop and Cinema 4D

In this Photoshop and Cineme 4D tutorial, I will present you how to produce a house composition, discovering strategies for creating 3D text in Cinema 4D, a glass result in Photoshop and a slew of different light results. Prior to developing this scene, the principle I I understood I wished was to have a woman floating unconsciously in house, with two hands making an attempt to get to her and a quick message represented in 3D text. You can see in this tutorial what I ended up with.

Create a Cosmic Scene with Photoshop and Cinema 4D

How to use texture consequences to produce stunning compositions in Photoshop CS5

This tutorial is an instance of how a handful of easy strategies can be utilized to generate basics photograph illustration utilizing multiple layers, masking, the Pen device, some fundamental lights and one particular basic texture.

How to use texture effects to create beautiful compositions in Photoshop CS5

How to stylise product shoot using vibrant designs in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate you the methods I took to stylise design shoot making use of vibrant shapes in Photoshop CS5. We will use sophisticated compositing methods, layer masking and custom made brushes to get an eye-catching poster. Let us get started!

How to stylise model shoot using colourful shapes in Photoshop

Style a Skin-Textured Typography Scene in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate you how to produce a 3D-searching textured text result in Photoshop with no the need for any 3D tools or apps. All we require to be ready to produce our text impact is a great thought of perspective so that we can modify gentle distribution with the support of shade correction equipment (Burn Resource and Dodge Device). The tactics and ideas you will learn here can be employed to apply any sort of texture (not just pores and skin texture) to any text for simulating depth and lighting precision.

Design a Skin-Textured Typography Scene in Photoshop

Create an Summary Mild Streaks poster in Photoshop CS5

In today’s tutorial you will discover how to produce an summary mild streaks poster from scratch utilizing Lighting consequences, Noise, and Wave Photoshop CS5 filters. Layered PSD file integrated. Let’s get started out!

Create an Abstract Light Streaks poster in Photoshop CS5

How to Function With Point of view in Photoshop

Photoshop is an exceptional instrument for manipulating photographs but it can also be utilised as a signifies to produce spectacular digital artwork. This tutorial is portion of a 25-component video clip tutorial sequence demonstrating anything you will require to know to start making electronic art in Photoshop. Electronic Artwork for Novices, by Adobe Accredited Expert and Teacher, Martin Perhiniak will commence by educating you how to draw in Photoshop. At the summary of this collection you will know all you need to have to generate your own idea artwork and matte paintings in Photoshop.

Today’s tutorial Component 7: How to Function With Viewpoint in Photoshop will describe a little bit about the principle behind standpoint and will target on how to set up construction lines, vanishing factors and a horizon. We will also demonstrate diverse methods to generate a perspective grid and then use it for drawing 3-dimensional objects. These methods are useful for retouching pictures, but vital for electronic art. Let’s get commenced!

How to Work With Perspective in Photoshop

Generate “Cool” Typography Making use of Paths in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will show how to make some &#8220cool&#8221 custom made typography. Let us get started out!

Create “Cool” Typography Using Paths in Photoshop

Create Elegance Female Effect in Photoshop

In this video tutorial  by Che McPherson from,  you will find out how to use custom made brushes to include a nice splatter influence to your picture to make a spectacular abstract piece of artwork. Examine it out and Enjoy!

Create Beauty Woman Effect in Photoshop

Trip Property – Summer season Scene Manipulation

Welcome to a new manipulation tutorial. I will attempt to make this easy to stick to for newbies. I will show you how to moyen a few totally free stock photographs and make a gorgeous warm summer season scene. If you adopted the Manipulation Secrets and techniques sequence it will be a great deal simpler for you to comply with this tutorial. Enjoy.

Trip Home - Summer Scene Manipulation

Make brilliant summary diagonal lines track record in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to easily create a bright summary diagonal lines history in Adobe Photoshop CS5 using gradients, brushes and Hue/Saturation adjustments. Layered PSD file involved. Let’s make this summary illustration!

Create bright abstract diagonal lines background in Photoshop CS5

Make Amazing Grungy Design Artwork employing Custom Brushes

These days, I’m likely to present you how to combine custom brushes and stock photograph in Photoshop CS5 to produce great grungy type artwork. Layered PSD file involved. Let’s get began!

Create Awesome Grungy Style Artwork using Custom Brushes

Make a Remarkable and Surreal illustration in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial, we will understand how to mix trend photography with customized brushes into remarkable and surreal illustration using Photoshop CS5 strategies. Layered PSD file integrated. Let us get started out!

Create a Dramatic and Surreal illustration in Photoshop CS5

Developing a attractive mechanical pinup in Photoshop

Photoshop is fantastic instrument for combining several photos into a scene that cannot usually be designed in actual lifestyle, like an android. In this tutorial I will instruct you how to manipulate body areas, produce depth from missing items and also how to integrate gears and engines to make an alluring mechanical pinup.

Creating a sexy mechanical pinup in Photoshop

How To Generate a Gothic Blackletter Typographic Style

Blackletter or gothic script fonts are hugely popular in a variety of modern day cultures. Metal bands, tattoo artwork and severe sports brand names all make use of the amazing blackletter type. Usually the sharp letter designs are enhanced with elaborate swirls and decorations. Comply with this phase by action guidebook to customizing your individual gothic typographic layout, we’ll be modifying the first vector letters in Illustrator ahead of relocating over to Photoshop to include a awesome distressed and steel influence finish to the artwork.

How To Create a Gothic Blackletter Typographic Design

Create a Mystical Text Impact with Smoke and Ocean Texture in Photoshop

We offer self paced ccent program to make understanding Photoshop enjoyable and easy. Our ccie instruction is ideal for newbies aspiring to get sun certification for their profession. In this tutorial, I will show you the actions I took to make a Mystical Text Effect with Smoke and Ocean Texture in Photoshop. This is an intermediate stage tutorial so some steps can be a little difficult, but why not have a attempt!

Create a Mystical Text Effect with Smoke and Ocean Texture in Photoshop

How to generate remarkable colourful text effect in Photoshop CS5

In the adhering to Speedy Tip tutorial you will discover how to combine diverse shapes, brushes and mixing modes in Photoshop CS5 to generate wonderful colorful text result. Layered PSD file integrated. Let’s get started out!

How to create amazing colorful text effect in Photoshop CS5

How to make nice summary artwork via custom made shapes and brushes in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial, I will display you the actions I took to make this wonderful summary artwork by way of custom made designs and brushes in Photoshop CS5. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started out!

How to create nice abstract artwork via custom shapes and brushes in Photoshop CS5

Functioning With Shades and Establishing a Color Palette in Photoshop

Photoshop is an exceptional instrument for manipulating photos but it can also be utilised as a indicates to make beautiful electronic artwork. This tutorial is part of a twenty five-part video tutorial series demonstrating every little thing you will need to know to start off creating electronic art in Photoshop. Digital Artwork for Newbies, by Adobe Certified Skilled and Teacher, Martin Perhiniak will get started by teaching you how to draw in Photoshop. At the summary of this series you will know all you require to generate your own idea art and matte paintings in Photoshop.

Today’s tutorial Component 6: Functioning With Shades and Establishing a Color Palette in Photoshop will explain a bit of conventional and digital coloration theory and then put it into practice by establishing a color palette in Photoshop. Let’s get began!

Working With Colors and Establishing a Color Palette in Photoshop

Aged to Young Circumstance Review in Photoshop by Cassio Braga

Looking at the comments about the Photoshop Battle and I discovered the a lot of folks had been interested in realizing and viewing the photos that were created throughout the event. Simply because of that I determined to recreate one of the photos I did in my 1st battle, which was my favorite. This time even so I had much more time to pay out interest to some information, in the event we had only 30 minutes to come up with an concept and make it occur accurate.

So as I talked about prior to this image, I will present in this case study, was developed in my 1st duel and the matter was h2o. I actually like the end result because apart from the visual strength it has a basic thought that tends to make us surprise and assume about daily life and getting older.

Old to Young Case Study in Photoshop by Cassio Braga

Adjusting Hair Color In Photoshop

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In this photoshop hair tutorials, we are heading to cover a action by action tutorial on how to adjust your hair color in photoshop. This tutorial will be really beneficial for adding some coolness to possibly your photographs or to photographs of other individuals celebrities or stars to see just how they search with a diverse coloration!

1.       Decide on a image of your selection and open up up in photoshop.

2.       Make an adjustment layer by clicking on the “Create new fill or adjustment layer” Button, and decide on “hue/saturation…” from the drop down menu.

3.       A pop up window of hue/saturation will occur up and we shift the saturation to “-100” and lightness to “+51”. This will flip the photo into faded black and white appear.

4.       We are now prepared to mask out the hair from the base image so that it is less difficult for you in terms of modifying hair shade in photoshop. Obtaining the mask chosen, we pick brush instrument and begin painting the hair place with black color utilizing a gentle edge brush. It is essential to maintain the edge delicate as this will make the hair appear more organic when we adjust its colour later on.

five.       With the hair painted, we go to Picture&gtAdjustments&gtInvert or Control I. Observe the hair is now grey in color and the relaxation of the picture is back to typical.

six.       We are now all set to adjust the hair colour. Double click this icon and the Hue/Saturation window will pop up.

7.       By carry the saturation up and lightness down we are now able to deliver the hair coloration tone again to typical. And by shifting the hue slider, we are able to adjust hair colour as you like.

eight.       To contact up the edge specifics, we can use a delicate edge brush to paint the above ran areas with black colour.

9.       Eventually we go to Filter&gtBlur&gtCaussian Blur and give a value of “2.5” to even more soften the mask’s edges. And this is the closing consequence I have. I hope you will have entertaining with this little tutorial!

Making a Vintage Movie Intro in Photoshop

- - Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to recreate a vintage movie intro in Photoshop CS5 using basic techniques that cover manipulating perspective, warping type and applying various effects to maintain a vintage feel. The fonts featured can be purchased in full, or you may download free versions. The advantage of having the full package, of course, is access to various weights and styles which cut down on the amount of treatment you must give your type in the future. Thanks to the 2expert designer who created this vintage movie intro wallpaper.

Here is a preview of vintage movie intro in Photoshop you will be creating:

Vintage Movie Intro In Photoshop

Font Resources:

Step 1

Launch Photoshop and click on “File > New > Document.” Give your document a name and choose the “Web” preset. I selected “1600 x 1200″ for the Size, but you can choose whatever size you like.


Make sure your rulers are visible along the top and sides of your workspace. If they aren’t, click on “View > Rulers.”

Set a vertical guide by clicking on the left ruler and dragging the guideline to the 800px mark on the top ruler. Repeat to set a horizontal guide, dragging a guideline from the top ruler down to the 600px mark of the left ruler. This gives you a general guideline for where center is. Guides can be turned on and off using Cmd+; (MAC) or Ctrl+; (PC).


Step 2

Choose the Bucket Tool and set your foreground color to black. Fill the document so your first layer is completely black.

Ensure your Layer panel is visible and create a new layer.


Step 3

Choose the Ellipse Tool by right-clicking on the Rectangle Tool in your left toolbar. Set the foreground color to white and draw a medium-sized circle in the center of your document. Don’t worry if it is not perfectly centered, but try to make it as perfect a circle as you can.

Use the Move Tool to reposition the circle about 2/3 below the horizontal line. Center the circle by lining up the center nodes with the vertical guide.


Step 4

Double-click the circle layer and select the Gradient Overlay.

Choose “Radial” from the Style menu and. check “Reverse” Reduce the Opacity to about 85%.



Step 5

Right-click the circle layer and choose “Duplicate Layer.” Click on the original layer, which should now be below the duplicate. Use the Move Tool to expand its diameter until it is about 200 pixels larger than the second circle. Double-click the layer and change the Opacity to 100% and the Scale to about 120%.

Repeat this step two more times to create four circle layers, each larger than the one above it, increasing the gap slightly as you get larger. Use the Move Tool to scale the circles until you have a look similar to this example:


Double-click the largest circle layer and click on the Gradient Overlay effect. Reduce the Scale to 110% to produce a nice fade into the background:


Step 6

Click the top-most circle layer and create a new layer, which should now be on top. Set the foreground color to #151515 and use the Ellipse Tool to draw a small “hole” in the center of your rings. Use the Move Tool to scale and position it until it is centered and of a balanced size.

Reduce the layer opacity to 85% to give it a little dimension.

Double-click the “hole” layer and select “Outer Glow.” Click the color swatch and choose a slight off-white, such as #f1f1f1. Increase the size to 54px, Spread to 2%, Noise to 15% and Opacity to 50%. This gives the surrounding ring a contour while the noise adds a bit of a vintage film feel.


This is the primary effect you will use to create the “film barrel” illusion that was popular in vintage intros.

Apply this effect to the other circle layers, varying your Size, Noise and Opacity to get the desired look. As you can see in my example, the outer-most ring uses a lower opacity to make it appear farther away from the light source in the center.


Step 7

Set your foreground to white. Choose the Text Tool and set your font to Kaufman Bd BT, 60pt, centered. Add your “Presents” text above the hole, and position it within the first ring.

Click the “Create Warped Text” button in your Text Options Toolbar and select “Arch” from the Style menu.


You can also access these options with the Move Tool when Transform is enabled by clicking the Warp button and selecting a style from the Warp menu:


Left-click the node and drag to bend the text so it follows the curve of the ring:


Step 8

Return to the Text Tool and select your Balloon or Bazooka font. Set it to about 200pt and draw a large text box across the upper half of the hole. Type “Vintage Text,” as shown the example, or whatever you wish. Adjust the font size and text box so it fits comfortably on one line.

Use the Warp technique to give this line a slight curve. Use the Move Tool and click the corner to enable your transform options. Right-click the node and choose “Rotate.” Left-click and drag to rotate the text a bit to the left.


Right-click this layer and choose “Duplicate Layer.” To create the large, bold shadow, it is easier to use a second text layer than a drop shadow effect, which is a bit too limited for this look. Use the Text Tool to set this layer’s text to black. Double-click the layer and select “Stroke.” Click the color swatch to choose black, and set the Size to 9px.

Select “Drop Shadow” and set the Distance to 1px, Spread to 11% and Size to 18px. This gives the edges of our new “shadow” a softer edge.


Use the Move Tool to offset this text from the white text to produce the shadow:


Step 9

In this era, film typography was almost entirely hand-drawn. As a result, alignment always had a bit of variation and was never grid-like or technical.

Set the rest of your text using Balloon/Bazooka and Kaufmann as shown in the example, using the Warp and Rotate techniques to give the text that slightly hand-drawn feel. Experiment with different letter positioning to mimic various styles of the 1930’s and give your image a unique look.


Add a subtle Drop Shadow effect to the text layers in the bottom half of the image, using a low Opacity around 16%.

Step 10

Add a final touch, the registration mark, by using a semi-narrow sans-serif font. I chose a premium font called Futura, which is another original font from the 1930s, but a free font like Miso will work just as well. Registration marks were handwritten often back then, so you could even write it in yourself, or use a handwritten font that is not too fancy.

Step 11

Click on “Layer > Merge Visible.” Right-click your new single layer and choose “Duplicate Layer.” Click “Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur” in the main Photoshop menu and set the Radius to 6. Reduce the layer Opacity to 25% to give your finished image a soft “screen glow.”

View my finished wallpaper here:


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21 Best Photoshop Fire Effects Tutorials

- - Photoshop


Today i am posting the Photoshop Fire Effects Tutorials. You will find how many design of fire will make on photoshop and how can manipulate them. However these tutorials for advanced users but these tutorials are step wise step without having problems.

I am going to give you a list of good links to tutorials which will enjoy you and help you to create nice and magical pictures!

For the first article of this set, I have selected around 21 photoshop fire effects tutorials to create Fire with Photoshop. Good luck to all of you and I wish you a good creation ;)

Photoshop Fire Effects

Photoshop Fire Effects




Photoshop Fire Effects









Wildfire Forest Fire Firey Scene




Ring of Fire


Truck Coming From A Flame

Wildfire Forest Fire Firey Scene

Wildfire Forest Fire Firey Scene

Create a Flaming Photo Manipulation

Fox Fire Tutorial

Fire Tutorials


Realistic Candle

This first selection of photoshop fire effects tutorial sis already finished, I hope you like it. See you soon in the next set which will be dedicated to the water topic!

Best Online Photoshop Masking Tutorials

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Most of the photoshop masking tutorials is available by hand draw, which mean they only give you the screenshot of the tutorials, step wise step. But in that case most of the peoples unable to get 100% same result which shows on tutorials. So on that behalf i have posting now a Video tutorials which is usually found on Youtube.  I am only posting those masking tutorials which is right for you, this is easy to understand with step wise step with Voice.

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