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20+ Free Mini Icon Sets To Download

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Whether you are web designers, developers or mobile apps developers you need a mini icon sets to make your apps, design more accurate with the help of these icons. I have posted a collection of some nice 20+ mini icon sets for free to download.

Free Mini Icon Sets

Micro Icon Set
mini icon sets

mini icon sets


Pixel UI Icon Set

12 px glyphs

Mini glyphs

Glyph UI Icon Set


Strabo II

Pixicus Icon Set: 106 Pixel Best Icons


Totally free Mini Vector App Icons

Mimi Glyphs free psd file

Mimi Glyphs

50 Crisp Net UI Icons

Vento Icon Set 

160 Small Icons

16px Glyph Icons

Washing Machine Icons

Soft Media Icons Set Vol one

Soft Media Icons Set Vol two

Pirate Icons

128 16px Toolkit Icons

Shopping Icons