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50 Best Free Fonts For Web Designers

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After posting 150 Dafont Fonts topic, this is my second topic for the fonts. Now in this topic i am posting only those free fonts which is mostly using on blog and websites by Web Designers. Fonts has been used on verious works like for Banners, Brochures, Topic Titles, Description and many others. Best fonts is important for your website, these free fonts will decorate your descriptions and for other works. Now a days more popular fonts are Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Impact and many others.

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106 Web 2.0 Fonts Collection

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I have found a collection of fonts which contains 106 web 2.0 fonts  in one file. These are the advanced fonts which designers using on their projects. Web 2.0 fonts are specially using on websites logos.

web 2.0 fonts

web 2.0 fonts

File Size – 5.17 MB