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We are now giving a special gift to all visitors who leave comments with their links to expect about what we are returning to them. So it is the time to return what our visitors are looking. We have now converted from NoFollow To Dofollow Blog, that mean now your every comments with your links will be ranked by search engine because your link will get more link juice.

BUT i know we are also attracting many spammers to our dofollow blog so i have decide to approve only those comments which is relevant to our topic, any useless and spamming comments will be definitely removed. So if you want to stay your link in comment page than only write relevant and unique comments.

DoFollow Blog

How you can verify your link is dofollow or not. First install the firefox addon NoDoFollow and leave your proper comment on comment section of interesting topic. Than click right mouse button and choose NoDoFollow, the PURPLE color is indicate that your links is now dofollow. So here you can now see our blog is now DoFollow Blog

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My name is Chandra Kishore Bakshi and the founder of RedFox Magazine. Well I mostly like to research and share my experience to web designers and developers. I always try to provide important topics for you to gain knowledge without searching more on the internet.

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  1. Lakeview Boot Camp

    Exactly what I was looking for.
    Just don’t tell my boss all my knowledge of rails comes from the internet.

  2. Great idea, Id like to see how you get on. Have you considered how this will impact on your Google Page Rank?

    Hopefully do-follow will work well for you.

    Good luck!

  3. Do follow blogs are a win-win situation for all. It helps SEO guys to optimize their keywords and in turn increase the visitors to the site. However, one must not spam. Think ethics.

    • do follow and No Follow are attributes of anchor(link) . If link is dofollow then you will get boost in SERP from search engine.If link is nofollow then link does not get any advantage for search engine SERP

  4. Do Follow blogs are very important for getting backlinks, when you are focusing Google Search Engine. Without do follow links you can’t get good ranking in Google.

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