Ready To Download Norton 360 Version 5.0 Beta

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One of the Symantec famous product “Norton 360” version 5.0 beta is now available for download. Norton 360 beta’s new user interface organizes settings, security controls, and information about a computer’s protection and performance status in one simple redesigned screen.

Additional security features that help deliver Norton’s award-winning protection include Download Insight 2.0, which checks every download file for malware before it is allowed to run using the latest-generation reputation system and SONAR 3, which provides true “zero-day” protection against new and emerging threats designed to evade other security features. Also in Norton 360 beta is System Insight 2.0, with new Proactive Performance Alerts that identify programs that overuse system resources and cause PC slowdowns.


You can download the beta version here –

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  1. can someone please send me like account info or something, i cant get this stuff to work, when i use the downloaded executable file, nothing happens, and the online client gives me an error, can someone help me out

  2. waterwalker32

    Your stupid you didnt test AVG Free with the same links as this so you cant tell if it is better or not

  3. I got a message last Tuesday that claimed that my machine was infected with a virus, which it is not… that sounds like someone is interfering with our computers.

    I was having problems with my computer for 3 days. I was running Norton 360. I took it off my machine and am now running a different program (free one). I have had no further problems but only after I reset my modem.

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  5. daneeboy2006

    I haven't used Norton is years, mainly beacuse it's a bloated and mostly ineffective program.

    Is it spyware? No

    Not everything fits into the "spyware" catgory. There are two other terms which internet users should be familiar with.

    1) Malware: a) Programs that don't act or what they supposed. b) programs that track your surfing habits without telling you.

    2) Adware: Programs that send pop-up ads or advertisments without your permission.

    Norton kind of fits into all these catagories.

    A prime example of a ad/malware combo is the new AOL Instant Messenger. It installs crap you don't need without your approval, and decides to watch where you surf and pop up an ad once in a while as "a useful feature"

    Norton is just a poorly designed program, that has grown so large (in terms of raw code) that the developers and software engineeers cannot fix all the bugs, much like Windows.

    To fix your problem uninstall Norton, download ZoneAlarm free, and AVG free (antivirus) I run both of them without a problem. Links below.

  6. NortonForumsUSA

    A 360 report for malware internet security: I have Norton Internet security 2010, does that act as a antivirus… +

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