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In this topic i am posting the latest news for software includes every software.

Brackets – Best Open Source HTML, CSS, Javascript Code Editor

- - News, Software

As I am the web designer but in the last couple of days before my mind tells me to do the web development too. So i have started learning about the CSS programming. I always hear about the software which is famous and most popular names as Adobe Dreamweaver. I also have used Adobe Dreamweaver and yes it is easy to do the job their BUT every good software you have to pay the price too.


So i started searching about the open source code editor, some developers using Notepad++ which this is also not provide you like Adobe Dreamweaver, so what’s the alternate software.

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Best 10 iPad Apps for Designers

- - Software

Designers more than ever need to remain mobile and accessible to clients. With new ipad apps, designers can create fresh and innovative designs as they are inspired by their surroundings.

iPad Apps

Ten of the most popular iPad apps are listed below:


(Courtesy of Flickr User: karindalziel)


Brushes is considered by experts to be one of the best iPad apps for painting. Designers may use the application to create customized logos for their customer’s website. The application offers a selection of 19 different brushes with various sizes, spacing and opacity. The color palette is also varied.

This particular application allows users to produced detailed work with the zoom feature and navigational capabilities with multi-touch technology. Users love the ability to replay their painting and export it to a QuickTime movie. Digital paintings may also be shared with the help of mobile broadband packages via Flickr. The application only costs a mere $ 7.99.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: smiely)

SketchBook Pro

If Brushes does offer enough variety in brush sizes, consider SketchBook Pro. This application has 75 pre-set brushes, pens and markers. Designers may customize color swatches, edit brush sensitivity and work with multiple layers. An eyedropper may also be used for color selections. Designers may use this particular application for designing customized web designs and documenting ideas while on-the-go. The application costs £4.99 in the UK.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: gustaffo89)

Inspire Pro

Many designers easily rank Inspire Pro as the one of the best paint brush applications available. The application is currently ranked #1 in the Entertainment Top Paid Applications Chart in the United States. Each brush may be rotated a full 360 degrees. There are five different types of paint brushes that resemble actual paint brushes. They come in different sizes as well. Users will feel as though they are actually painting on a canvas. The price of the application is $ 7.99.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: pdbreen)

Art Studio

Designers may use the Art Studio application to learn to paint or draw electronically. The application includes 17 different drawing lessons. The lessons teach clients how to draw animals, humans, perspective and 3D drawings. Novice designers can use Art Studio to refine their skills with the use of 30 brushes. Cloning tools, layers, filters, masks and a text tool are included in the application to improve the flexibility and realism of the application. This application may be purchased for $ 2.99.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: deBurca)


Penultimate allows designers to make sketches while on the go and also to take notes for later. This application will allow designers to collect their thoughts digitally in their own handwriting as they are inspired. The digital paper is photorealistic. Upgraded paper styles, as well as, templates are available for the designer to select from. To improve productivity and promote creativity, Penultimate is the application of choice. This application is available for $ 1.99.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: hope_art)


Some designers require a tool that will help them create advanced illustrations. This vector drawing tool is akin to the full version of Adobe Illustrator. The drawing tools are customizable and layers may be used to draw over images and designs. The designs may be exported, and the designs may be shared. The application is available to consumers for $ 8.99.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: tarrytown)


The iFontMaket application allows clients to create their own handwritten fonts to sign documents or simply to create a unique web design. Up to 10 standard fonts are also included in the iFontMaker application. Once the user selects the pen, pencil or brush, the fingers can be used to create the actual drawing. The application is capable of converting the finished product to a TTF file to be sent to clients or co-workers that may be using Adobe CreativeSuite. The application is available to clients for $ 6.99.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: tossestreger)


Freeform is also a vector drawing tool. This application is recommended for quick sketches, diagrams, mockups and other advanced drawing commands. The sketches may be created with the movement of the finger. Designers may select from a library of shapes which may include: Ovals, rectangles, lines, polygons and stars.

Two shapes may be merged to form a new shape and provide unique designs for consumers. The application also allows for easy redos and undos. The drawings may be converted to JPEG, PNG or PDF format and exported via email. The drawings may also be saved in the photo libraries. The application will be offered to clients for a mere $ 9.99.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: uklanor)

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is a digital sketchbook that allows designers to capture ideas while they are on-the-go. The professional design applications from Adobe Ideas incorporate all of the features of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop into one convenient application.


(Courtesy of Flickr User: mrebert)


TypeDrawing is an ideal application for creating watermarks or typography art over the photographs. Designers may type a simple sentence and then draw around the sentence with the finger. The application will create intricate wallpapers and typography arts. Designers may purchase the application for a mere $ 0.99.

Giveaway: TuneUp Utilities 2010 One Year License

- - Software

TuneUp Utlities is a program for Windows which is specially designed to enable users effectively perform critical optimization functions. The program provides the complete set of tools that can speed up system performance automatically or manually and apply advanced system/GUI tweaks very easily. Featured components include : Registry cleaner, Drive Defrag, One-click maintenance, Start Up Manager, Install Manager and System Control.

Grab your free copy : in celebration of Christmas is offering free copies of the full version of TuneUp Utlilities 2010 (worth $ 49.95). The offer is valid for a very limited time.

  • Enter your email address and “CAPTCHA” code, then click on the “Produktschlüssel anfordern” button.

  • Confirm your email address by entering it again, then click on the “→” button.
  • A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Click on the confirmation link to receive your free full version key.
  • Download TuneUp Utilities 2010 [English]

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Amazing WordPress Shopping Plugins And Themes

- - Software

Turn WordPress into an online shopping cart! Third party ecommerce/shopping scripts like CS-CART, X-Cart or Interspire etc  are expensive which newly started business man can’t effort the ready made scripts. However there is a free scripts available like Magento, CubeCart or ZenCart etc but you need to modify to make them more designable and attractive. But on those script features and supports are awesome than you can’t get on other themes.

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Google Voice Available For iPhone

- - News, Software


Google Voice is now officially available for iOS devices like the iPhone. The Google Voice App is a free download available in the App Store, and works for any users of the Google Voice telephony service. With this native app, you’ll continue to have access to all the major Google Voice features on your iPhone, like:

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Announcement For AVG 2011 Products

- - News, Software


With the launch of AVG 2011, you will see great enhancements to our business and consumer product line, new campaigns focused on People-Powered Protection and a new look to the AVG brand. AVG brings to life a new brand focused on People-Powered Protection – Bringing people together as part of the largest, most secure community in the world.

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