How To Make Work Your Old Scanner In Windows 7

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You have moved on from Windows XP to Windows 7 but your good old scanner dores not support the system. Does it have to be thrown out now! Answer is NO, take a look a trick and save your money before buying a new scanner.


Simply virtualize Windows XP on your Windows 7 system. The only prerequiste is that your CPU should also have a virtualization enabled or present. If you are not sure, run the ‘havedetectiontool.exe.’ program. now navigate to ‘‘ to find instructions and tools to integrate the virtual XP system in your Windows 7 system. The download is slightly over 500 MB and so takes a while for dial-up users.


Now install the packages according to the instructions. You will see Windows XP as a window of your Win 7 system. On the top edge of the window, you will see a tab for USB ports. Here you can decide which of these ports should be ‘diverted‘ to the XP system. After the connection is set up, the display changes to ‘enabled‘. This way the connection can be removed later if required. Now install the XP driver for the scanner. Since you access both systems on the hard disk as well as the network, the device does not get in the way.

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  1. You can go to and run the tool to see if your system is Windows 7 compatible, being it runs Vista it should run Windows 7. Windows 7 is suppose to be faster and with less bugs, easier to use and not as graphic intensive as Vista. You can also take a tour of Windows 7 at MS.

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