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The web offers plenty of ways  for you to earn some extra cash with the minimum of effort. I am also selling some of my stuff through online since 2007 and i am getting good profit for handle my family budget. You can also gain more income through these method. I know today money is everything, if you want to survive money is very important, this is my think .

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1. Flattr


It is a new micropayments scheme, created by one of the founders of The Pirate Bay. Members of the service pay a small, fixed monthly fee (€2 monthly minimum) into an online account. If they like content you’ve posted online (music, photographs, blog posts), they can show their appreciation by clicking the Flattr button next to it. You’ll then receive a share of the money. The amount you receive is directly proportionate to how many other buttons the member clicks elsewhere.

2. Sprinkle Penny

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Sprinklepenny works in a similar way to Flattr, except members only need to visit your website or blog for you to earn a portion of the money in their pot. Provided they come back to your site every month, you’ll keep profiting.

3. EasyArt


Amateur painters and aspiring photographers can make money by selling their artwork online through the Easyart Academy You pay a one-off It fee to list each piece (a single f slot costs £5.95) and then earn 20 per cent commission on any f prints that you sell. The pictures remain on display indefinitely.

4. Mahalo


Mahalo Answers ( answers) Is a potentially lucrative question-and-answer web service. When someone posts a question, you’ll get paid for answering it. The amount of money you receive depends on how much the person asking the question is prepared to pay. The site currency is Mahalo Dollars and these are worth $0.75 (about 48p) each. You need to earn 150 Mahalo Dollars before you can cash them in.

5. WordLinx


WordLinx is a paid-to-click and link-sharing service. Members are paid to visit advertisers’ websites and spend a minimum of 30 seconds there. You get $0.01 (less than a penny) per click but can make a small amount of additional money by referring new members and sharing links via email or on social networks. You’ll need to accrue at least $10 (about £6.47) before you can request payment.

6. Dooyoo


You can help people make the right purchasing decisions by posting reviews of items you own on consumer-opinion sites such as Ciao ( and Dooyoo (www, Ciao pays up to £3 per review, while Dooyoo offers DooyooMiles that can be converted into cash or Amazon vouchers.

7. Project WonderFul


It aims to reinvent online advertising using an auction system called the Infinite Auction, This lets you choose where you want ads to appear on your site, and specify the type of ad – for example, graphical, text or banner. Advertisers then bid for each spot, the top bidder’s ads appear on your site and you’ll earn however much they’re prepared to pay. If someone else offers a higher amount, they’ll take over that spot. You can approve or reject individual ads.

8. Retail Eyes


Undercover shoppers are paid to report back on the service they receive from real-world shops, bars, restaurants and hotels. It doesn’t pay ama2ingly well – just £5 or £10 per assignment – but occasionally you’ll also get to keep the items you’ve purchased and been reimbursed for. Find out more and sign up at Retail Eyes.

9. Lulu


It lets you self-publish content you’ve created yourself. Although the main focus of the service is on books (printed and digital), you can also create and sell your own calendars, CDs and DVDs. There’s no set-up cost or minimum-order limit. You choose how the finished product looks and can set your own price for it, too. Lulu offers all the tools you need to sell your creations worldwide.

10. Money SuperMarket


You can save money by switching from one utility supplier to another and maybe even get paid at the same time. The Gas and Electricity forum at,  often lists cashback offers, but these tend to be time-limited, so check back frequently.

11. Revtwt


Prolific Twitter ( members always attract followers and you can turn them into cash by posting Cost Per Click (CPC) ads alongside your usual tweets. The easiest way to do this is to sign up to RevTwt . This service is free to use and lets you delete your account at any time. The downside is that your followers may desert you in droves.

12. eBay Trading Assistant


Run out of things to sell on eBay? You can sell items for other people and take a cut by becoming a Trading Assistant. Go to the Trading Assistant Directory  and click the Create/Edit Your Profile link. You’ll need to be a regular and trusted eBay user to qualify for the scheme

13. Flippa


The idea of ‘site-flipping’ is to buy an existing but floundering website on the cheap, do it up by giving it a more professional look and adding social features, forums and so on, and then sell it on for a profit. It’s a bit like property developing, but cheaper and less hassle. For more information, and to buy and sell sites, go to Flippa.

14. SimonSeeks


If you’ve been somewhere interesting for your hols, you can earn money by writing a guide to the destination for SimonSeeks. If people read what you’ve written, and then click through to the advertising links on the page, you’ll receive half of the net revenue. Holiday guides need to be between 400 and 1,000 words in length.

15. Amazon Mechanical Turk


Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) are little jobs that a real person can do much better than a computer – describing the contents of a photo, for example, or rating the relevance of a search result. Amazon Mechanical Turk (www.mturk .com) has lots of HITs you can try and it pays anywhere from a few pennies to a few pounds.

16. Bigstock Photo


If you take decent photos, you can make money by selling them through a stock photography site. You’ll get paid every time someone downloads or buys one of your images. Try submitting your snaps to PhotoBox Pro Gallery (www., iStock (www. and BigStockPhoto ( and one more ShutterStock (

17. Innocentive


InnoCentive offers cash rewards for solving problems for corporations and nonprofit organisations. For example, you could come up with a way of helping to reduce the placebo effect in clinical drug trials, or design a unique shower accessory for men. The challenges on offer are by no means easy, but coming up with a successful solution could earn you up to $1,000,000.

18. SliceThePie


Slicethepie helps you discover new music and make money at the same time. Al! you have to do is listen to tracks from artists on the site, then rate them and provide a detailed, constructive review. If you’re a fan of a particular artist, you can invest in them and get a share in any future record sales.

19. People’s Music Store & OOiZit


People’s Music Store ( lets you set up your own MP3 shop and sell the music you like from the site’s licensed catalogue. You can showcase all your favourite artists and make personal recommendations. If you make your own music, you can sell it through The site lets you set how much you want to charge per track, although there is a 79p minimum limit.

20. Youtube


Share fun and interesting videos on YouTube  and hopefully people will watch and subscribe to your account. When you have decent viewing figures, click Partnerships under Programmes at the bottom of the page and apply to become a partner. If YouTube approves you, you’ll earn commission from any ads served up alongside your videos.

21. HubPages


HubPages , you can build single web pages – or hubs – based on any topic that takes your fancy and then make money from them via the HubPages Royalty Program, This lets you set up affiliate accounts with the likes of Google, eBay, and Amazon. You’ll need to publicise your hub in order to generate enough interest and visitors to make it pay.

22. FatFingers


It’s possible to make a small but tidy profit by buying iterns from eBay’s Wholesale & Job Lots site  and relisting them individually. It’s also worth looking for incorrectly spelt items that you can snap up and relist correctly as these often attract fewer bidders and sell for less. FatFingers  can help you find these.

23. eBid


Almost everyone has heard of eBay, but there are plenty of other sites that you can sell your items on, including eBid . eBid currently promises no more auction fees For a one-off payment of $49.49.



Rather than heading to eBay, you can potentially earn more money by selling CDs, DVDs, software and video games through Amazon and . You can charge what you like for your goods and there’s no listing fee – the sites will simply take their commission when an item sells,

25. Spread Shirt


Spreadshirt  lets you create and sell your own customised T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more. It’s free to set up a ‘spreadshop’ and there’s no contract or minimum orders to worry about. Just create some designs and publicise your shop. You can choose how much to sell the items for.

26. Etsy & Dawanda


Creative types can sell their homemade goods, such as jewellery, artwork and clothing, to shoppers worldwide at websites including Etsy and Dawanda ( Etsy charges 20 US cents for sellers to list and sell items In the marketplace for up to four months, while Dawanda charges no listing fees but takes 5 per cent commission on any item you sell.

27. CrashPadder


If you have a spare room in your house, you can rent it out to someone who needs a place to Stay for the night. Crashpadder lets you list the room, along with information and photos, and set a price. People can then book it through the site. You can choose to be paid via Crashpadder, or accept cash when your guest(s) arrive

28. ParkAtMyHouse


Have you got room on your drive for another car, or a garage that’s currently empty? You can make money by renting the parking space out through or YourParklngSpace. Enter the details of the space, including the full address, availability and any notable facilities (night lighting, for example), and then set a price. Obviously, the more desirable the location, the better the chance you’ll have of success.

29. Sell My Mobile


Instead of leaving your old mobile languishing in a drawer, turn It Into cash at one of the many phone-recycling services now available. Sell My Mobile compares the prices offered by these websites to help you get the best online deal. Enter the make and model of the handset and the site will tell you which recycler will pay the most for it.

30. SkimLinks


Lets you earn money from your website or blog by automating the process of creating and maintaining affiliate links. By adding the Skimlinks code to the footer of your site, when a visitor clicks on a link to a particular retailer’s product or service, Skimlinks automatically converts them into affiliate links on-the-fly.



Greasy Palm pays you £2.50 when you sign up to the site and then gives you cashback when you shop at any of its partner stores, including Next, Waterstone’s, Argos, Tesco and Marks & Spencer. It also pays you to Introduce friends and accept offers. When you’ve earned £25 or more, you can have the money transferred into your bank account or paid in Amazon vouchers (with a 5 per cent bonus). Top CashBack (www. is also worth joining.

32. Matrixmails


There are various schemes that pay you to receive and read advertising emails. Try Easy-PTR (, Matrixmails and AdPaid ( Avoid falling for non-paying scams by checking with BeenPaid ( before signing up to a new website.

33. First Direct


Moving from your existing bank to a different one could net you a higher rate of interest on your current account and some banks will even offer you a cash reward for switching.

34. Bet365


Most online bookies offer new customers free bets provided you put a certain amount in your account to start with. Open an account at Bet365 with a deposit of at least $10 and you’ll be entitled to a $100 bonus. Register with Paddy Power ( and place a $25 bet and your stake will be matched with a free $25 bet by the bookmaker.

35. Party Poker


You’ve got to be good to stand a chance of winning at online poker but plenty of sites offer games that let you play without staking anything. At Party Poker , for example, there’s a game called $1.5K Freeroll, which can be played for free every week, provided you’ve made a deposit with the site within the last 60 days.

36. LadBrokes


Most of the big online casinos offer free money plays to draw you in. Take a look at Ladbrokes Casino , where new players are given £50 worth of casino chips, with no deposit required. At Golden Palace (, you can receive bonuses on the first 11 deposits you make.

That’s it, i hope you like it most of the website are UK based because i found many UK website who giving offer for selling your own item or show your skills their and get the income. If i get more source i will update this topic. Please leave your comments.

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