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Learn how to topics in easy wayRedFox Magazine

Category "How-To"

In this category i am posting how to solve your pc problems, files and other works.

Free Premium Membership For 14 days Trial

- - How-To is one of the best video tutorial training of most of the excellent courses like 3D software, Apps, video and audio editing, database, web design and lots of more which i can’t describe here because the list is long, they have around 100k video tutorials :).


One of the guest email me the link to sign up the premium membership for 14 days trial period. I have just try my own and i success, check out the screenshot below:

Free Premium Membership

As you can see the screenshot is not lying and you can able to get the 14 days trial period to access all the video tutorials with exercise files. Click on the link below to register the trial version before they offer has expire.

How to:


[sociallocker id=”9614″]

Follow this url – and choose Premium Membership “Month-To-Month” in case you want to download the exercise file.

Note: You need to enter your Credit Card details in order to register for the trial period. However they will not charge you anything till 14 days but you should set the reminder of the cancellation, if you don’t want to continue the course otherwise they will charge the amount according to your plan.


You should try the free premium membership and see learn the useful courses at free of cost for 14 days.



Pay Only $1 To Get Godaddy Domain Everytime

- - How-To

This is huge trick i recently found around the net. Sometimes it is hard to find such type of coupon code to get domain coupon code specially when you get that domain at around $1+ but this little trick will give you cheapest godaddy domain price without searching the coupon code in the internet.

Only you have to use Google Chrome browser to find out the best deal in godaddy domain. Here is the screenshot of what i have got with this trick

Continue Reading

How To Show Full Content In Google Feedburner

- - How-To

I recently knows that my Google Feedburner and ofcourse blog feed showing only title of the post instead of both title and summary. So i read many other blogs how should i solve this issue, i also submit the new topic on google feedburner help page and they also unable to provide me the exact help which i am looking from so many days. Than i recheck the blog for the settings but i see those settings are correct by default, so that mean blog is fine there is nothing wrong with our blog so i move forward to Google Feedbuner account and there what i see i missed one option which is REQUIRED to show full content with title and images, so when i change that settings, now the google feedburner showing everything same as i want.

One more topic might be useful for you

  • [intlink id=”807″ type=”post”]How To Solve 512K Google FeedBurner Limit[/intlink]

So here i am showing to you how i done that method and what couple of changes you have to done on Google Feedburner account.

1. Make sure your reading setting is turn on to Full Summary under your Blog Admin Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading

2. Login to your Google Feedburner account.

3. Click on Edit Feed Details and in Original Feed, change it to

google feedburner

than click Save Feed Details.

4. Click on Optimize tab –> BrowserFriendly link –> Content Options –> Select “List feed item titles and content”

than click Save button.

google feedburner

That’s it. You have done now.. Now you have to wait for few minutes until google feedburner check your updates for your feeds. After few minutes, check the feed through your browsers. This 2 min settings waste my 3 days for knowing how should i show full content on google feedburner. Anyway let me know your google feedburner feedback.

How To Improve Your Web Design Business With Marketing Strategy

- - How-To

By having an effectively designed website, small web design business owners can produce a good impression and obtain more site visitors for their business. Small  are really proposed by major firms inside the area which are designed for improving the net presence from the clients, therefore getting more and more people to those websites.

Web site design companies take advantage of the expertise of web-designers and talented SEO professionals. Based on the company owners’ requires, they perform any kind of website development including data based, unique, multimedia, flash, and Ecommerce. These companies could also change your current web site to obtain a far better look.

Web Design Business

By having attractively developed websites, good interaction while using website visitors may be done. The Excellent designer shows the business factors and knowledge, properly combining graphics and marketing tools. Website designers handle every aspect included for example preparing, developing, page design and final finishing touches.

Moreover getting google SEO materials, web-sites needs to be properly designed in order to bring in the most effective visitors to your online business. To attract more clients, web-site designers normally utilize effective web site design tools. Java, Flash, Videos, Music, CSS structured and fast loading web-sites are designed by the professionals. Adding effective modern technology applications just like programs XML, MySQL, XHTML, PHP, and Javascript, provide awesome website designs.

Professional web design business could be obtained for a several websites like for example people dealing with real-estate, financial, Ecommerce, education and learning, medicine, family, teenagers plus much more. These days valuable offered by economical rates to fulfill the needs of smaller businesses and residential based companies.

A wonderfully designed website will probably be seo friendly, meta tag enhanced and correctly related to another pages. So, if you want to redesign your overall website or are intending to design a different one for your online based company, make certain that you simply escort a trusted and experienced includes a good status with it’s arrived at website design along with other online needs.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Before doing almost anything to start your web design business , you need to have the ability to concentrate of the very effective items which are regarded as a success towards the clients. And in addition to it, you ought to have also probable target clients online. Selecting the best web design business will probably be your foundation of your business’ success. Well, carrying this out step wouldn’t be that simple since you’ll have to consider other areas.

Web Design Business

First factor to think about within this step is the fact that to be aware what do most people like or needed and simultaneously it will fit to her interest to ensure that you might have the ability to improve and nourish rid of it. Asking the individuals needs within an already established product could be an excellent way that you should start your web design business. This task or technique is mostly recognized to professional internet business. Exactly what the business guys do inside a marketing niche would be to supply the individuals unique needs from a current web design business and list of positive actions is to improve the website to ensure that you might have the ability to provide the requirements of these folks.

One other good internet web design business online marketing strategy is to apply the web itself. You can find confused, but things i really meant would be to have business advertisements on multiple web sites which makes it a benefit for your side. For instance, using affiliate marketers online could be a very wise decision to ensure that you like a business guy might have numerous site visitors inside your business website and for that reason means plenty of possible clients. With this particular, you’re distributing the data regarding your product to any or all those who are surfing the web.

Last good business online marketing strategy would be to have your company website some videos of demos regarding your product. Not only you’re distributing details about your web design portfolio but also you are marketing it in ways that you’re showing how effective or good your skills is.

Get Cheap .Info Domain In Just $0.49 By Little Funny Trick

- - How-To

Just saw a new trick while buying one domain from Godaddy. Godaddy is the best company to buy cheap domain and their products at reasonable price with lots of new high fly discount coupon code. This liitle trick is not to enter any coupon code or click the links to get discount, this trick is self made by or you can say this trick is hidden which we have disclosed now.

If you are buying .info domain in bulk than you should have to see this trick so you can save more money on cheap .info domain than others domain companies. Okay now lets get started. Follow the screenshot given below:


Cheap .Info Domain










That’s it. You can buy the domain at cheap price.. However i didn’t buy this domain it is just a demo which i have showed you. Let me know your comments about this tricks.



How To Supercharge Your WordPress Blog Speed In Few Steps

- - How-To

There is the another part of the SEO and that is your wordpress blog speed. Every search engine specially Google will penalize your blog if your blog speed is higher than their requirements and they will unable to provide you the exact results on search engine as you are expecting. So after analyse and reading few website about blog optimization, i am following some few important steps for your blog, so you can give your wordpress blog speed supercharge.

Step 1: Check Current Status

Before we start optimizing we have to first check the current speed test of your blog page, so when we completed the optimization and check current status so we get the difference. Getting an overall feel of how your site is performing using several different test services is the way but i mostly like the test. GTMetrix provide their own speed test with Yahoo YSlow speed test.

 WordPress Blog Speed

In this screenshot i have taken my blog speedtest so you can check Page Speed Grade is B which is good but YSlow Grade is D which is poor in my opinion. I also taken test on Google Page Speed and the result score is 84/100 which is excellent for Google. You can also download and install the Firefox or chrome addon Firebug and their addons – Google Page Speed and YSlow these addons will helps you without going any website to check the blog speed.

Optional – In Google Analytics code you can add one additional line of code and Google Analytics will record the page loading times based on what your visitors are experiencing. [toggle state=”open” title=”Google Analytics Code”] <script type=”text/javascript”>

var _gaq = _gaq || [];
_gaq.push([‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-XXXXX-X’]);

(function() {
var ga = document.createElement(‘script’); ga.type = ‘text/javascript’; ga.async = true;
ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘‘;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);

</script> [/toggle]

Step 2: Optimize Your WordPress Theme Images

Most of theme which you download is not optimized which you can notice your blog speed may be slow, so now in this step you can optimize your wordpress theme. Download and Install the FTP Client Filezilla (Freeware) or anyother which you like. Now download your wordpress theme through FTP to your desktop. Head over to another Yahoo developer pack “

Click on Uploader and browser your themes images inside the theme folder. Select all images and click Open than Smush it will smush all your images within few minutes. Download all smushed images and replace with the original one than upload all images to your server through FTP.

Step 3. Optimize Your Images

Too many images on blog post can drastically increase the page size/number of requests. Consider deleting unnecessary images. For do this you can download any free image crop software, i am using Paint.NET and GIMP .

Cropping white space in images decrease an image’s size. DO NOT use default wordpress edit image function because than wordpress create the new image after editing the original one. After done the cropping reupload and overwrite the old images. Now edit any wordpress post using the visual editor and select image click the edit icon. On Advanced settings, add css style code padding: 1px;

Always determine image size width and height because your browser than able to tell the size of the image and will need to reflow the page after downloading that resources. This method will definitely affect the performance. To optimize your images you can use Google WebP software which is recently launched. I also suggest you to install the wordpress plugin WP Smush it , reduce image file size and the best part of this plugin Every image you add to a page or post will be automatically run through behind the scenes.

Step 4: Cleansweep Your Blog

First is first deactivate unnecessary plugins, check your active plugins, if you think this plugin is not so useful, deactivate it, this will decrease server CPU processing also you can save some disk space. In my opinion install these necessary plugins ” WP Cleanfix and WP Optimize. These plugins will erase unnecessary post revisions, tags, spam comments, archives etc…. and optimize your database. Before installing these plugins always take Full Database backup.

Check your Cron schedules, remove the unnecessary cron jobs or deactivate. Continue cron job increase your server CPU processing.

Step 5. Minify and Implement a Cache System

Every time you serve resources like images, CSS, Javascript etc from other hostnames, you increase the number of DNS lookups for your visitors. Hostname must be either another domain or subdomain. In my suggestion make subdomain and place your all images there for example like or, this will be called the subdomain and reduce the amount of DNS Lookup.

For more information you can read this by Google “Before a browser can establish a network connection to a web server, it must resolve the DNS name of the web server to an IP address. Since DNS resolutions can be cached by the client’s browser and operating system, if a valid record is still available in the client’s cache, there is no latency introduced. However, if the client needs to perform a DNS lookup over the network, the latency can vary greatly depending on the proximity of a DNS name server that can provide a valid response. ” It is therefore important to reduce DNS lookups more than any other kinds of requests.

Avoid Inlining Javascript or CSS whenever possible  and whenever it make sense. External is usually better because you can than combine those external files into a single CSS and single Javascript files.

Put your script at the bottom and CSS files at the Top as usual we already hear this too many times, the reason is because If you put scripts on top of the page, your visitors could end up seeing  a blank page  for a while  until the javascript is loaded.

Recommend Plugins: W3 Total Cache and WP Minify  – Leave Minify Disabled on W3TC. The combination of these 2 plugins will be the strong advantage of your blog speed.

Step 6. Content Network Delivery (CDN)

Why use CDN because it is able to serve static content from different potential locations throughout the world. Your visitor will be able to access to the contents of your blog faster from a location  that is closer to them geographically. CDN are specially optimized to serve static content faster than most normal hosting solutions. A CDN will help you to reduce bandwidth from your central server and reduce the risk of server crashes by decreasing server load. I suggest you to use MaxCDN services the same i am using on this blog.

The cost is only $39.95/TB/Year, so you don’t need to pay monthly fees for that. For more information about how to implement to wordpress with W3 Total Cache plugin, read it here.

Step 7. Consider About Mobile Theme

You will notice even if the number is growing, there are still a lot of websites that are not prepared for mobile devices. Having a specific mobile web theme is a great way to increase the performance of your blog and improve user experience, because you will distinguish yourself from the rest.

Now there are easy to use mobile plugins that can instantly create a mobile theme out of your blog. One of the plugin i am using is WP Touch. WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects, when viewed from iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile devices

Step 8. Server Tweaking – But i don’t want to allow everyone to use this feature basically this tweaking only available for VPS and Dedicated server users not for shared server.

That’s the final words once you follow all these directions your blog will definitely increase blog speed and don’t forget to always upgrade your database before doing any thing on wordpress.

How about this topic help you please share with us and let us know how much you have done the optimization and what is your score.

Display Your Website And Blog On iPhone, iPad Or Android Using Web Touch

- - How-To

Now a days every users of the phone access internet through their smartphones like iPhone, iPad, Android Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung etc. even i too access Facebook, Twitter and Websites but only when i outside from my office or home. I think half of the phone users now have a iPhone which they feel comfortable by accessing internet and when accessing definitely they can view your website and if your website is not compatibale with smartphones specially iPhone than the users never come back again to your website through smartphones. Here i have found the Javascript library called “Web Touch“.This is the open source script which you can easily use on unlimited websites or blog.

web touch

Web 2.0 Touch is a concise JavaScript library for touch devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) or anything that runs on WebKit engine. Below is a short list of features.

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Dynamic page loads
  • Hardware accelerated transitions
  • Several CSS themes
  • EdgeToEdge and Rounded lists
  • Native looking tabs
  • Native looking buttons
  • Regular and Modal Overlays
  • Much more…

Web Touch is an open source project that you can participate in. To participate, fork it on and push your changes for the review when you are completed.


Online Demo – only WebKit browsers

Download – beta 2, October 12, 2011 – beta 1, August 22, 2011

10 Companies To Buy and Sell 3D Models

- - How-To

If you are a CG Artist and have a good experience on creating 3d models in Autodesk Maya, 3d Studio Max, ZBrush, Lightwave, photoshop etc.. than you must submit your work on these marketplace websites for buy and sell 3d models or if you are running companies and need a 3d models and resources than you can buy from them. For seller you can post your models and resources with your own price and when buyer purchased your models you get your price. This is the best way for CG Artist to get the income from online source. Just follow Buy and Sell 3D Models website written below to sell 3d models. For Buyers, you only have to find your models for your project and purchased, you get the source file and if available, you get the other resources for free with some discount or coupon code for your next purchase.

 Buy and Sell 3D Models

1. 3D Export

buy and sell 3d models

3DExport is a store where you can buy and sell 3D models, textures, plugins, and digital prints for using in CG projects. Our 3D Models Marketplace was launched in February 2004, and now we are one of the world’s largest providers of high quality 3D content.


2. TurboSquid

Search our stock catalog to get the 3D model you want, or use our Custom 3D modeling service for made-to-order 3D models. Join the world’s top artists who use TurboSquid 3D models in advertising, architecture, broadcast, games, training, film, the web, and just for fun.


3. 3D Ocean

This is another website from Envato to sell and buy 3d models and their materials. This is the good website and have a very high talented cg artist guys to help you for your work.


4. The 3D Studio is the oldest and largest 2D & 3D resource site on the Internet. Our collection of 3D models, printable 3D models, stock photos / images, and textures for programs such as Autodesk 3ds max, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Maya, Vue, Blender, and many others is vast and it is growing larger each day. We are your one-stop shop for all things related to 3D Models, Stock Images, and all types of CGI and graphic design.


5. AXYZ Design

Human characters in 3D scenes becomes ever more important in visualizations, animations and illustrations.
To satisfy all your 3D model and character animation needs, aXYZ design provides State-of-the-Art 3D products including Photorealistic Tpose, rigged, animated plug & play and still 3d people models, high quality textures, and more in a variety of formats including max, obj, lwo, fbx, bvh and bip.


6. DAZ 3D

DAZ strives to bring 3D art directly to the masses by delivering the highest quality digital 3D content and software at the most affordable prices. With a continuing effort at creating realism and diversity in every figure DAZ makes, and a commitment to providing excellent service and support, DAZ works to inspire 3D fans to “Unleash the Artist Within”. DAZ also offers premier 3D software programs such as Bryce 5 (a 3D environment package), Mimic Pro (a 3D lip-sync program), and DAZ Studio (a 3D posing application) all at rock-bottom prices.


7. Creative Crash

CreativeCrash is a high traffic site that can help make you money on your assets. Our platform allows you to sell your assets as well as manage and communicate with your users. Each asset has Forums, Feature Requests, Bugs, Reviews and more. Its fast and easy.


8. Renderosity

Most popular website to buy and sell your 3d stuff at good price. Simple join to become the member and start selling and buying..



This is another popular site for buy and sell 3d models. For more information check their website –


10. is commonly known as a high quality 3d model store, one of the premier stores of digital asset offering ready to use CG 3d models and an open platform allowing artists to publish and sell their 3d models online.

These are the best Buy and Sell 3D Models websites where you can register and start taking profit.

Must Ask These Questions To Your Freelancers

- - How-To

Web design and growth requires a variety of expert expertise, not only technical and creative capabilities, but also challenge administration, interaction design, usability and many a lot more.  When you are selecting a freelancers it is crucial to know what are the greatest issues to consult, this can make it a lot easer to choose which designer to go with. The adhering to are some of the most crucial concerns to consult your web designer. I always ask these question before accepting any freelancers for my projects.


What abilities do you have?

Most internet site creators a more powerful in both technical skills or creative design. Developers are much more competent at a range of backend languages such mysql, php, and ruby on rails. Designers are much more skilled in the innovative software deals these as Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. Dependent on the form of site you will require to contemplate if your website will be more powerful in performance, or have power in its layout. You are more very likely to have power in all aspects of net layout if you pick a staff, such as a internet style agency.

What experience do you have?

In net design, knowledge counts a great deal much more than qualifications. You can be self-assured that you will have considerably stronger outcomes, the far more seasoned your web designer is. Getting a great operating expertise of web design requires extensive encounter because the information essential is huge and the only way to confidently create constantly very good outcomes is with a strong background of practical software.

Will I be capable to make adjustments to my internet site?

The powerful trend is now in direction of content management programs (cms), which enable end users to make changes to their websites. Well-known cms programs are open resource choices, these as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. The reduce cost choice would be to not use a cms, but except if you are good with html, you will need to get in touch with you designer every single time you want to make a change to your website. Request your web designer if they generate web sites employing a cms and which one particular they are recommend. A very good world wide web developer will be capable to recommend which cms is greatest for your demands.

What assistance is provided?

Even if your world wide web designer produces your website with a cms, you may nonetheless call for assistance. You might have issues about how to use the cms, you may possibly require to make some tiny tweaks or you might require more complex adjustments. Some designers will provide a specific volume of cost-free help and then cost following that. Other individuals could present a different bundle. Locate out what the premiums are for ongoing support and routine maintenance.

Can I see your portfolio?

Viewing your designer’s portfolio will give you a very good notion of the designer’s talent degree and if they have made web sites which match the look and feel of the web site you are seeking to make. A lot of designers concentrate on a specific niche or certain look and sense.  For example some designers target only on genuine estate internet sites, and other designers have a distinct power in utilizing textures. A group of designers at a internet design company is much more very likely to have strength across all industries, based mostly of their various experience.


Do you provide e-commerce?

E-commerce sites are getting to be ubiquitous. In fact, some predict that it will overtake the retail market. If you are developing an on-line shop, ask what kind of encounter your internet designer has in e-commerce web site. There are a number of choices for ecommerce software package. A advised alternative is Magento, which is an open up source resolution. It is a fully featured ecommerce answer, which is very strong and versatile. There are a lot of ecommerce options close to, so ask your internet designer which answer fits the demands of your site.

What is the treatment, what approach is involved and how lengthy will it consider?

Distinct designers have different methods when it will come to the net style approach. The procedure really should be distinct and entail the consumer at every step of the procedure. Generally the method will begin with a discovery phase, in which specifications are talked about and first analysis and organizing is performed.  Then the site framework is established. The visual design and style is then designed. The site is then carried out and tested. As soon as this is complete, the site is launched. The customer should involved all the way through the entire process. It must be created obvious if there is a deadline involved and what time body the designer would estimate the challenge will consider for each and every phase of the procedure.

How does the payment composition function?

Net layout organizations might differ in their method to the structure of payments. Payments will framework in accordance to a payment ideas, and are usually divided into 2, 3 or four payments. They would be divided into milestones throughout the venture. This payment plan ought to be agreed to at the starting of the challenge.

Steps on the Place of work Environment of Your Wants

- - How-To


work environment

A major area of a new person’s way of life is actually invest from run plus their own workplace, along with places of work are often considered the person’s home overseas. This suggests the type of natural work environment that he or she functions throughout may have an enormous have an effect on on the everyday life, occupation satisfaction, and also nervousness amount. There are numerous of standard adjustments which can be performed in any office work environment to generate a far better area for many staff. Employ these types of Several guidelines for your individual business office as well as carry the actual fruit of the improved upon work environments of one’s workspace.

1. Improve worker morale: Staff will be happier in their work and far more content when management will take an initiative to increase morale and create a positive setting. Very good conduct and productiveness really should be rewarded. All personnel like recognition for their perform and a task nicely done, and this will demonstrate them that they are appreciated. Even a thing modest like bringing in bagels or donuts in the morning will demonstrate subordinates or other coworkers that their attempts have not gone unnoticed.

2. Produce a at ease perform area: Offices occur in many diverse shapes and dimensions. A worker ought to get time to arrange the furniture in their place of work to make the ideal use of their area, irregardless of how big or tiny it may be. A person’s business office chair must be comfortable and offer for correct posture. An workplace should also have sufficient lighting, so the worker can see nicely when working. Decorations and points from property could also be brought in to make a more comfy house. This could consist of pictures of cherished ones or pets to remind the worker of home, but they should not consist of corny motivational posters. All of these comforts could help to minimize some stress in the everyday lives of workers.

Go Green

Go Green

3. Go green: Residing green will make individuals really feel a sensation of satisfaction in that they are aiding the setting. Some basic measures to conserve vitality in the business office are to turn off lights when not in use, shut off pcs every single evening, unplug unused things, and to flip the heating and air conditioning down when no a single is in the office. These methods will also trigger utility charges to be reduce, which will create much less monetary pressure on the boss of the company.

Bigger green tasks are also an option to make an workplace surroundings a lot more comfortable. Recycling bins can be placed at crucial places for employees to use, and posters can be put by the receptacles to explain which things can and are not able to be recycled. Employers can also be confident to stock their kitchen area with silverware, plates, and glasses for lunch breaks. This will reduce down on the quantity of paper cups, plates, drinking water bottles, and plastic ware that are employed.

4. Get organized: Employees ought to organize their office in a way that they fully grasp irregardless of how other personnel may possibly arrange their function. This will assist them to grow to be a lot more cozy in their house. It will also lessen unneeded pressure that will come with not understanding exactly where issues are and seeking for them.

5. Update engineering: Staff could experience discouraged by gradual pcs and outdated software. Employers require to ensure that their personnel are utilizing substantial-quality merchandise. If staff work from property, the appropriate engineering should also assist these virtual locations. It is also helpful for programs to enable access to files whenever and anywhere, as this creates a sense of flexibility in the workplace.

Include Vegetation

6. Add plants: Plants have many advantages for an office setting. 1st, they brighten up dull areas and offered them existence. They also release oxygen which can clean the air in the office and minimize the volume of dust air pollution. Vegetation are also important for an business office simply because they relieve allergy symptoms to poisonous fumes that are typical in the operate area, these kinds of as place of work cleaning merchandise. This assists to lower illness charges, which can lower charges of absenteeism at function. Crops are also practical since they can support to decrease noise, offer shade, and act as partitions or obstacles.

7. Make the office seem welcoming: This needs the office to be opened up a bit so that the reception location does not appear daunting. A tiny, decrease desk for the receptionist will search a lot more personable and approachable. Chairs in the reception place should also be scattered in casual teams so as to not appear too chilly. In addition, partitions that divide desks that are not completely needed should be eliminated. Several studies have proven that dividing all staff into cubes does not enhance function productiveness. A operate place that is open up and those that have obvious views of the other people assist to stimulate overall performance.