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I recently knows that my Google Feedburner and ofcourse blog feed showing only title of the post instead of both title and summary. So i read many other blogs how should i solve this issue, i also submit the new topic on google feedburner help page and they also unable to provide me the exact help which i am looking from so many days. Than i recheck the blog for the settings but i see those settings are correct by default, so that mean blog is fine there is nothing wrong with our blog so i move forward to Google Feedbuner account and there what i see i missed one option which is REQUIRED to show full content with title and images, so when i change that settings, now the google feedburner showing everything same as i want.

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So here i am showing to you how i done that method and what couple of changes you have to done on Google Feedburner account.

1. Make sure your reading setting is turn on to Full Summary under your Blog Admin Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading

2. Login to your Google Feedburner account.

3. Click on Edit Feed Details and in Original Feed, change it to

google feedburner

than click Save Feed Details.

4. Click on Optimize tab –> BrowserFriendly link –> Content Options –> Select “List feed item titles and content”

than click Save button.

google feedburner

That’s it. You have done now.. Now you have to wait for few minutes until google feedburner check your updates for your feeds. After few minutes, check the feed through your browsers. This 2 min settings waste my 3 days for knowing how should i show full content on google feedburner. Anyway let me know your google feedburner feedback.

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