How To Jailbreak The Apple iPAD

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Apple has sold about 6.2 million iPads by the end of 2010. Naturally each buyer is happy in the beginning with all that Apple has offered. Apple lets this App down through the certificate process and thus it is never seen in the App store. Suck situations make a strong case for jailbreaking. This procedure skips or removes Apples’ barriers and open the device to additional functions and applications. It does this without affecting the normal functions of the iPad, including access to the App store.
how to jailbreak

The jailbreak that is introduced here does not create any irreversible changes to the hardware or to company ware and is easily tracked for each person. All you need is an iPad, PC and 10 min of your time. The following workshop shows you not only a step by step guide on how to lift the Apple restrictions from your iPad, but it will also show you what you can do and where you can find the Apps that Apple wanted to keep awy from you.

1. Download

The jailbreak required an iPad, a PC, and the Spirit tool. As this software is compatible with Mac OS and Windows, it will work with almost all computers, Download Spirit Prepare a backup of your iPad contents using iTunes.

2. Start Off

We will be using Spirit for Windows here. Double click and install the saved EXE file. Plug in your iPad and wait for it to sync. Once recognized, it is directly visible in the utilities screen. The message “Ready: ipad (3.2) connected” is displayed and you are ready. Nowselect “Jailbreak”.

3. Success

On the iPad, the message ‘restoration completed’ is displayed and in the Spirit windows on the PC, you will see the message ‘Jailbreak succeeded!’ . Click ‘Quit’ to close Spirit.

4. Test Run

After restarting, look for the installer ‘Cydia’ on your iPad. With this, you can also install other applications on your iPad that do not have the official blessing from Apple. Intrusions at the system level are simply impossible.

5. Install Apps

Along with several free applications, you will also see Buy-Apps at Cydia. A Further source for apps not authorized by Apple is ‘

6. iTunes Does It

In order to restore your personal contents, you must play back/copy back the previously backed up data. For that, open iTunes, click on the iPad with the right mouse key and select in the menu ‘Recreate from backup’.

7. You Are Done

You have just jailbroken your iPad with all your personal data intact and extra features to play around with.

8. Reverse

The jailbreak action carried out can be undone with the latest version 3.2 using the ‘Restore’ function. At the end of this procedure, the device is once again in Apple-compliant status.

These 8 steps will jailbreak and than back to restore your iPad to their original settings.

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