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Online operating systems let you work without needing to run programs or download files. I am showing you the seven of the best web-based Desktops.

1. Jolicloud


Jolicloud is a full-blown free operating system (OS). It’s actually a version of Linux designed to be used on netbooks, either In place of or alongside Windows. Installation is very straightforward – simply download the 600MB Jolicloud Express installer on any machine you want to use The online OS also lets you find and follow friends and other Jolicloud users. A nifty social stream tells you what they’re up to, who they’re following and what apps they’ve Installed, while a History page lists your past actions. Although it’s still in development, we had no problems running Jolicloud. It appears to be very stable end is much smoother and faster than Windows 7 and Vista, giving you instant access to your favourite tools.

2. Glide Browser OS


Glide Browser operating system in a browser window by signing up and logging in, or you can install an extension for it. The add-on, which is available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, gives you access to most of the important Glide OS features at the click of a button. Just select the component you want from the menu – options include a word processor, presentation app, photo editor, calendar, contacts manager and more.

3. Ghost


The Global Hosted Operating SysTem (Ghost for short) is a web-based OS that runs directly in your browser. You can move icons and widgets around, and run apps such as Zoho Writer directly from the Desktop. Ghost also has the equivalent of the Taskbar, System Tray and Quick Start menu, and right-clicking the screen brings up a context menu with all the options you’d expect to see in Windows. This makes it feel very familiar and straightforward to use. There’s a portal view for quick.


desktop4 redfox

EyeOS is a smart online operating system that’s intuitive to use. You can rearrange icons and windows on the web Desktop and access the various apps and features from a menu bar at the top of the screen. The system can occasionally seem a bit slow and it doesn’t offer as many features as our Award winners. However, it does include a word processor, spreadsheet, presentatipn viewer, mail client, web browser and calendar. Uploading files is a simple process that can be carried out by using a widget on the Desktop. A new, revamped version of EyeOS is currently in development and should be released soon.



Unlike the other services here, GoPC isn’t free, and for that reason we’ve docked it one star. On signing up to the cloud-hosted virtual Desktop, you are offered a variety of paid plans. gives you 1GB of storage and costs $1 (about 64p) a day, on a pay-as-you-go tariff,  monthly subscriptipn that gives you 10GB of storage space. The operating system bears more than a passing resemblance to Windows XP and comes with some excellent free programs including, Firefox, Zimbra and Gimp.

6. SilveOS


This Silverlight-powered OS does a reasonable job of mimicking Windows Vista, with a functioning Start menu, Taskbar and Desktop gadgets. You can’t move any of the icons or gadgets around the screen though, which is a shame. Available apps include a simplified version of Paint, a Twitter client, YouTube and Flickr viewers, a media player, web browser, text editor, various games and Bing maps. Ypu can easily install some additional web services through the Start menu, but nothing too exciting (or useful). You can’t create a personal account or do much else with at the moment, but it’s a very early version.

7. Online Operating System


Despite being saddled with an interface that’s clearly been based on Windows 98, the Online Operating System is a reasonable web-based Desktop. You get a scattering of icons that let you launch various applications, such as an image editor, file manager, PDF viewer and mail client. The Start menu offers access to a range of additional tools including a calculator media player, word processor, web browser and several games. Files can be uploaded to your workspace via the right-click context menu and you get 1GB of free storage when you sign up.

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  1. Professor Lee

    An option. Could load that onto an empty flashdrive, let it load, backup your files (onto a flashdrive), check the Disk Utility in System, Administration to see if anything's wrong with your hard drive, then either install Ubuntu and use it (it's faster than XP & 7), or find someone with a copy of XP (presumably), put that on a flash drive, using the link below, and install it with your license key (presumably found on the bottom of the computer).

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