How Google Plus is important for Keyword Ranking


Recently, the CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, Rand Fishkin has conducted an experiment on finding out whether Google Plus affects keyword ranking results or not. People shared the website with the keywords “vintage scooter helmets” by clicking the Google +1 button. And the website ranked from 16th place to 6th place which indicating that Google Plus One button, or in other words, Google Plus really contributes to a higher Click-Through-Rate(CTR)and finally results in higher keyword ranking.

How Google Plus is important for Keyword Ranking

From the example above, there is no doubt that Google Plus is important for Keyword ranking in some ways.

 Google Plus personalizes keyword ranking. If you are logged into Google Plus, your Google keyword search results will be more personal according to your location and your profile. For example, if you are a fan of Taylor Swift, once you google country music pop stars, you might see the keyword ranking is different from that if you are not a fan of Taylor Swift.

Once you google some keywords whether you are logged in Google Plus or not, in most ways you can easily find that some links with your keywords in Google Plus will appear in the results in the top pages. There is no doubt that the higher ranking the links is, the more traffic they will get, resulting great profits. What’s more, we ourselves can create our own links with certain keywords in Google Plus and after quantities of followers click Google Plus One button, our links can get higher keyword ranking.

Further more, Google Plus has large influence on the Internet. Nowadays, the Google Plus One button can be added everywhere, to your YouTube Page, your blog or any other online platform. And after this widely expressed online presence, your Google Plus presence can increase when a certain number of people +1. So the online presence of Google Plus One from other online platforms can improve your keyword ranking.

Google Plus is important for Keyword Ranking

Moreover, updating frequency is quite high in Google Plus which results in frequently changing content and finally different keyword ranking. Nowadays, people keep refreshing their Google Plus content to keep or attract more followers. And this is the reason why a large numbers of new updates come into being. Because of the frequent updates in Google Plus, the keyword rankings in Google search can be frequently changed.

Google Plus is very important for keyword ranking in many ways. It makes the keyword ranking more personal and meet your private requires. What’s more, Google Plus can widely influence people and quantities of frequent updates, which has a great impact on keyword ranking. To rank higher, we can do something in Google Plus: 1. get more followers. You can get more followers by means of paying money and updating attracting contents with keywords. 2. get into the Google Circles. You should get more awareness of your website in the circles. 3. use Google Plus One button more often. You may use the button and people can see your logo more often.

Finally, I hope that you can get the hang of the importance of Google Plus and make fully use of it to better development and make huge profits of your websites.

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