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All we know high page rank backlinks is so important for SERP (Search Engine Result Pages, high page backlinks will boost your website ranking.  It is so easy to find backlinks from exact domain but it is hard to find the high page rank backlinks from the same domain on different pages. But now the hard part becomes easy one, now you can create your backlinks in high page rank pages within in few minutes. Why i choose Tumblr because it is easy to get high page rank backlinks and pointed to your domain.

1. Register New Account

high page rank backlinks

Register new account on tumblr with your valid email address and password. Now on URL field write your main keyword which you want to get high page rank and good serp in search ergines, just like for example my main keyword of my blog is “RedFox Magazine” so i will write on URL field “redfox-magazine” (Without Quotes) than click “Start Posting”. You will now move to next page where you have to enter the captcha. After than you must verify your email address which you get the confirmation email from tumblr.

2. Make Your First Post

After signup, you will be redirect to your tumblr account dashboard, exactly not the dashboard, it is the word “Untitled”. Click on the word Text, enter your main keyword “redfox-magazine” and than click Create post, you don’t need to write anything on Post field, this will be do later.

3. Choose Free Tumblr Theme

Now it is time to change the current tumblr blog theme. Click on Customize Appearance than click Theme given in top left side column. Drop down the theme and click Free Themes , than choose any free theme which you like, than click Use, Save and than Close.

4. Now The Part of Settings

After you close the theme page you will redirect to Dashboard. Now click the Untitled button without untitled button you can’t see the Setting button. Click the Settings button. Now you will see the URL Field where your current tumblr account url written, click the “Use a custom domain name” and write your real blog or site address like i have written . Once you done that click Save preferences .  Giving custom url is because when you post links your topic will redirected to your blog page. 

5. Finding High PR Links

Now the main part of the high PR links has been started. You have to check the tumblr followers who have a high page ranks and which we able to high PR links. Now what to do go to and enter this links “liked this” (Yes, With Quotes) once you done that you will find some user account which have google pr links to confirm whether they have high pr or not , just open a new site “Google Pagerank Checker” and enter the user link to check the pr results.

6. I Like Your Page

Now once you find the google PR tumblr blog links, drop your links there by click the Heart Icon (Like) button. Once you click the Like button the heart icon turn into red heart icon which mean you have liked this page.

7. Drop Your Links

After than just after the red heart icon, click the Reblog button so you can publish your links there. After you click reblog button you will move to the next page where you only to click the “Reblog Post” that’s it. Now you can see two links was given one is dofollow and other one is nofollow, you can check this by installing the firefox addon SEOQuake or NoDoFollow.

If you have any other easiest method or want to improve this post, please leave your comments.


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  1. Thank you so much for the article. I have tried this method yesterday with high pr tumblr blogs. I noticed that you can find high pr tumblr blogs easily when you search with the keyword "health".

  2. I Saw results in a week, i only did did this with few tumbler sites, but now i cant log in my account i get loop issue and suspended msg, tumblr doesnt like marketing.

    any one else got that

  3. This is a great article tackling some of the most difficult issues we have to face in the work place.
    Adapting is one of the main things I think is important and so is tackling hard work head on and not waiting

  4. @redfoxmagazine:disqus  Just registered for Tumblr and tried this trick. And i think that it will NOT help your PR or serp at all because these high PR pages have about 2000-3000 likes and reblogs, and the PR value you are given is the PR divided by the number of backlinks which are lets say 1000. So you will get a PR 6/1000=0,006 PR to your website. NOT WORTH AT ALL!!

  5. Web Applications Dev

    This is an excellent content taking on some of the most challenging concerns we have to deal with in the job.
    Adapting is one of the major elements I think is essential and so is taking on effort go on and not holding out.

  6. Thanks for sharing this great tip……but I'm stuck at how to change the CNAME of my site to pointing to tumblr !
    any help is very appreciated…..thanks again

  7. The only problem with this is it doesn't create a backlink… It just creates links to a redirecting page (ie: I don't believe that is a backlink and as far as I understand google doesn't like redirecting pages… Am I missing something?

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