Free Mockup Templates By Keynotopia For Prototyping Mobile, Web and Desktop Apps

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I recently received an email from Caroline and her company name Keynotopia who giving us the opporunity to share their free mockup templates to our visitors. This free mockup templates is to design web, mobile and desktop apps.

Keynotopia Mockup Bundle is comprised of templates that look hand-sketched, but are all vector shapes created entirely in Apple Keynote, making it easy to modify and customize. Keynote offers a unique feature: the ability to convert these mockups to clean wireframes and pixel-perfect high fidelity prototypes with just a few clicks, by applying styles directly from Keynotopia’s high fidelity templates, so designers no longer need to throw away their mockups and create interface screens from scratch in another tool.

Free Mockup Templates

The mockup bundle includes over 1,000 UI component for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Web 2.0, Facebook, OS X, Windows 7 and Windows mobile

This kind of bundle is worth $49 but our visitors will get this free of cost.

What’s included In This Bundle 

Over 1,000 vector user interface components designed entirely in Apple Keynote. The following templates are included in the bundle:

  • iPhone Mockup Templates
  • iPad Mockup Templates (landscape and portrait)
  • Android Mockup Templates
  • BlackBerry Mockup Templates
  • Web Application Mockup Templates
  • Facebook Mockup Templates
  • OS X Mockup templates
  • Windows 7 Mockup Templates
  • Windows Phone Mockup Templates

So don’t be delay or lazy because this is the limited time offer. You can follow this link to and download all 1000+ free mockup templates


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