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In this category i am posting icons like web designers icons which is free of cost.

100+ Free Ultimate Web Designers Icons

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To begin with, however, you will need to make a web designers icon that’s simple, but nonetheless signifies your site. The easiest method to do that would be to first make your site-after which tweak it. Have it to the stage that you simply understand everything happening together with your site and also the colors that you simply intend on using for that background. For those who have several background color, try to incorporate all of them to your website icons-but be cautious. Don’t put a lot of appealing, vibrant colors together. Rather, stay with a couple of vibrant colors and employ a neutral color to be able to help type of bring things together without blinding your customers.

Take the time to make your web designers icons. What you not realize is the fact that more often than not, this is actually the simplest factor to complete. But it is certainly one of individuals projects that you simply can’t do in a single setting. Create a number of different icons after which observe how both opt for the website-this provides you with a much better concept of what everything appears like when it is finished as well as evaluate which will not work perfectly for the site.

I have find out 115 Web Icons which must be use on applications and web design projects. These web designers icons will make your projects more stylish. These icons are made in Adobe Illustrator and file format is .AL

Web Designers Icons

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20+ Free Mini Icon Sets To Download

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Whether you are web designers, developers or mobile apps developers you need a mini icon sets to make your apps, design more accurate with the help of these icons. I have posted a collection of some nice 20+ mini icon sets for free to download.

Free Mini Icon Sets

Micro Icon Set
mini icon sets

mini icon sets


Pixel UI Icon Set

12 px glyphs

Mini glyphs

Glyph UI Icon Set


Strabo II

Pixicus Icon Set: 106 Pixel Best Icons


Totally free Mini Vector App Icons

Mimi Glyphs free psd file

Mimi Glyphs

50 Crisp Net UI Icons

Vento Icon Set 

160 Small Icons

16px Glyph Icons

Washing Machine Icons

Soft Media Icons Set Vol one

Soft Media Icons Set Vol two

Pirate Icons

128 16px Toolkit Icons

Shopping Icons


40+ Awesome Free Mobile Website Application Icons and Buttons

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Increasing numbers of people are reading through their favourite websites on cell phones, it is essential that like a website owner, blogger, or internet web marketer, you optimise your site, or existing website for mobile phones.

From the technical and design perspective, you don’t really should adopt entirely new concepts to produce mobile friendly sites simultaneously you should possess a brand-new method of your design and style. Mobile web sites are generally more limited than those that could be utilized through common web browsers. It is necessary for any design expert to make effective utilization of development and design principals to help in the identical benefits and tools without reducing your expectations to the expertise for the web customers.

Web Designers need some good web icons to make their client website and apps more attractive to see how they are looking. Most of the mobile website application icons are ready made which is free of cost and easily available on the web. From your customer requirements about the designing of mobile website application you can easily download these free of icons and ready to use on your projects.

Mobile Website Application Icons:

1. Free Mobile Berries

mobile website application


2. Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Application


3. Android Icons


4. Glyphish Icons For Mobile Apps


5. Free iPhone Toolbar Icons


6. Android Developer Common Icon Set


7. Android Developer Common Icon Set 2


8. Free iPhone Toolbar Icons


9. 108 Mono Minimal Icons


10. Free Vector Icons For Apple Touch


11. Token Icon Sets


12. Free Mini Vector App Icons


13. Free SVG Vector Icons


14. Mini Icons

15. NIXUS Icon Pack 


16. Tango icon Library


17. Handset Icon


18. Pixelated Icon Set


19. Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons


20. Amazing Web Design Icons


21. Basic Set 2 Icon


22. Splashy Icons


24. Iconic Mobile Icons


25. Basic Set Icons


26. Fundamental Icons


27. Web0.2ama Icon


28. Gallery Icon Mega Pack


29. Mobile Apps Icons


30. Milky Vector Iconset


31. Proxal Icon Set 2


32. Web Injection Icon Set


33. Developers Icons


34. Ginux Icon Set


35. OneBit Free Icon Set 2


36. Quartz Icon Pack


37. Austerity Icon Set


38. Clean App Download Button


39. Web Development Icons


40. Glossy Icons


41. Holiday Mobile App Icons



iPhone App Template



70+ Free Icon Sets Bundle Ready To Download

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Recently looking new free icon to post here so i found some interesting free icon sets bundle which was providing by Iconshock. Iconshock update with new free icon sets every week for download.


Free Icon Sets Bundle

Free Icon Sets Bundle

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30 App Icon For iPhone And iPad

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iPhone and iPad have taken the world by storm. Builders and programmers from all around have flocked to using the Goal-C language in programming their personal iOS applications. Equally web designers have started the transition into cell applications with specs layed out totally from Apple HQ. Here i have collected iPhone and iPad icon examples.



Free Vintage Radio Vector Icons

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To keep on our grateful many thanks to our readers and local community in standard, we are glad to launch a extremely helpful freebie &#8211 Vintage Radio Icons. These vector icons factors arrive in vector shapes which suggest that you can simply re-measurement the elements with no losing high quality.

vector icons

The GUI kit is developed by Iconshock solely for Hongkiat viewers, and is delivered in Illustrator (AI) and PNG formats.


The GUI kit is free of charge and you can down load, edit and use it for your individual or industrial assignments. You should not host the downloaded supply file on your server and redistribute them as your very own both in element or whole. If you like the icons, do contemplate sharing it with a retweet or a Facebook like :-)

Hope you get pleasure from this icon set!


Thanks to the hongkiat for creating these vector kit.