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Most of the web users always using Google Maps for their best features such as Street View, Google Maps is the mapping service for choice for many, but there are several excellent alternates and i pick 4 alternatives.

1. Bing Maps


Fast, feature-packed and very easy to use, Bing Maps is an excellent mapping tool and a worthy rival to Google Maps. The service’s unique ‘Bird’s eye’ view is particularly impressive.

2. OVI Maps


Created by Nokia, the service loads maps even faster than Bing and has a refreshingly clean design. Although you need to download a plug-in and the back-to-front zoom caused some niggles, the range of options and speedy performance make Ovi Maps well worth exploring.

3. ViaMichelin


This site offers comprehensive mapping and route-finding tools. But the maps aren’t as clear as they could be and site feels swamped with features. The maps themselves are not of a very high standard and there are no alternative views, just road map or satellite.

4. Bhuvan


This is similar to Google Earth, it is was developed by “Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)” It offers resolution up to 5.8 meters for Indian Region. The Bhuvan portal is designed to run on slow Internet connections. You need to be a registered member on Bhuvan Website in order to download the Bhuvan Browser Plugin.

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  1. i didnt really know alot about goodle earth and that there was even google earth plus and pro. I had never thought about terrorists using google earth to help them, so my views are mixed now on the subject of privacy. Im undecided on the privacy issue, and think that google earth will have trouble in the future with people who are against it. I like the idea of being able to see anywhere by the click of a button and will be downloading google earth when i get home m:-)

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