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Many of the searches in google is specially for creating money online through website that’s why you see the banned Make Money Online or provide some information about how to. The easiest way is to use Google Adsense if you have a website. Google Adsense is still in top specially for CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) they have better advertisers than others.

Now the horrible story comes out when you earning $1000 per montly from google adsense and in one day you get the email YOU ARE BANNED from their network by invalid activity or you break their TOS, you definitely frustrated from such being news. But you don’t need to worry about that if one door is closed another 10 door will opened for you. However you can’t get such amount like adsense but atleast you can earn $800 per month.

There is many networks which offers CPM and CPC but i have collected 10 doors of google adsense alternatives which is same as adsense. You can use these network but i suggest you to choose max 2 network from one of the 10 list. Don’t use more than 2 networks this may be cause like SPAM sites.

1. Chitika (No Requirements)

Google Adsense Alternatives

Chitika allows you to display ads on your website, blog, app or mobile site, with content from our high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted, mobile, and local ads to best target your users. Become a publisher today and bring your revenue to whole new level with Chitika.


2. ValueClick Media (Req: 3000 Page Views/Month)

Google Adsense Alternatives

Everything we do is geared toward helping you earn the most for your inventory. ValueClick Media is one of the most reputable lead generation providers, offering publishers quality campaigns, high payouts and the tools and support to earn more from your post-registration inventory and CAN-SPAM compliant e-mail lists.


3. Burst Media (No Requrements)

Google Adsense Alternatives


Burst works for Web publishers to maximize their ad revenue potential. We offer high CPM brand advertising from a broad range of national and international brand advertisers, and our performance products offer high fill rates through quality advertising from direct marketers and other advertisers with action-based campaigns.


4. Casale Media (Req: 50,000 Unqiue Visitor/Month)

Google Adsense Alternatives

Our industry leading 70/30 revenue share program is the foundation on which our premium advertising network, MediaNet, was built. Under this model, the CPM rate you earn is variable and is tied directly to the performance of your inventory. Our optimization technology, Optimax, maximizes your revenue by selecting the highest paying campaign available for each of your impressions in real time.


5. CPX Interactive (Req:30,0000 Unique Users/Month)

Google Adsense Alternatives

While much of this monetizable inventory comes from CPX’s extensive relationships with the largest exchanges in the industry, the largest number of CPX publishers have direct relationships with the network. These direct members gain the benefit of our expertise in identifying and serving the unique needs and goals of specific publishers. CPX publisher team members are experts in extracting maximum value for even the hardest-to-monetize inventory.


6. Tribal Fusion (Req: 500,000 Unqiue Visitors/Month

Google Adsense Alternatives

Unlike other networks that purchase ad inventory at a fixed CPM, thereby concealing their margins, Tribal Fusion collaborates with our publisher partners on a completely transparent revenue share model. This translates to a true partnership such that only when our publishers succeed, do we succeed.


7. AdBrite (Req: No Requirements)

Google Adsense Alternatives

You have 100% access and visibility into your account 24/7 through our world-class reporting tools. Check on your eCPMs, take home earnings, and your CTRs and CPAs for every ad size and tag running within the adBrite Exchange and make adjustments to your offerings at any time.


8. AdPepper

Google Adsense Alternatives

ad pepper media provides CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns and as a result we can guarantee that advertising inventory is 100% utilized. Collaborating with ad pepper media offers website operators a comprehensive set of opportunities to market their online presence profitably, whether national or international in scope. We deliver campaigns in 50 countries and possess strong local sales teams, with a very high degree of placement power in all markets.


9. Clicksor (No Requirements)

Google Adsense Alternatives

Place our ads along with other networks to get 100% fill rate for your site. You can even set minimum prices for CPV, CPC, CPM, and CPI ads. To make sure that you are still earning, if the minimum price for your ads is not met, your default ads are put up instead to make sure that you have no unsold traffic.


10. CPAlead (No Requirements)

Google Adsense Alternatives

On a lead to lead basis, the CPAlead platform generates exponentially greater revenues than CPC , PPC or CPM models. With your premium content in place as an incentive, users will be required to interact with the CPAlead Widget, which utilizes our proprietary algorithm to ensure that they are presented advertisements that are optimally targeted towards your user base.

These are i like google adsense alternatives networks.


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  1. Ad Adsense

    Get great knowledge and offers to be successful with Adsense.You will learn how to start properly with AdSense and to not repeat mistakes to reach the desired result to you in very short time. With the right tools, and done the right way, any job can be done successfully.
    It helps, of course, to know exactly what you are doing and why it works. Without this knowledge, it is only to be expected that things will go a little wrong from time to time. Hence, if you want Adsense to work for you, you need to know how it works and why it works. That way you can make sure you get it right. Your future is determined by what you do today but not on what you do tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for sharing valuable information. now a days CPM and CPV websites are more popular as being a webmaster you can earn from every visitor you get into your website right now i am using some good cpm program is one of them they are well know PPV network and there cpm rates is very good.

  3. Great information for any web site looking to make their site profitable. Generally I avoid ad sense because usually the costs doesn't equal the return.

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