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This great Set of amazing Photoshop Actions is brought to you by deviantart member “Giallo86” which they give always perfect effects and to elaborate a creative and original photography post production.

7 photoshopActions in the pack, detailed instructions and tips for the final touches.
This Photoshop actions Add-Ons are really easy to use and install: they’ll soon be an essential step in your Photoshop work whether you’re a photographer, a designer, an amateur…
I’ve created these automated Photo processes basing on professionists needs, searching for you the most wanted effects.

Photoshop Actions

This Essential Pack contains 7 different Actions:

    • Soft Blur Glow
      Very useful to create depth in every photo and to focus on a specific area. Amazing when you need to blur a region of a photo mantaing the realistic definition of the shapes.
    • Matte Paint
      Very cool effect wich creates an artistic matte painted look.
      This Action is useful when you have blended many photos into one, to give an homogeneous look.
    • Creative Detail Sharpener
      A selective sharpener wich target the correct edges and sharpen them smoothly.It creates sleek edges mantaining the original realistic look giving a wow effect to any photo.
    • Deep Light Glow
      It applies a dreamy look to the image creating an airy atmosphere. It transforms the definiton of the lights and the overall luminosity; this Action is a sweet final touch to your art.
    • Soft Light Luminosity
      Selectively increases the lights of the image mantaing the correct detail definition.This Action is great when you need to professionally enlight a photo without loosing informations.
    • TV Scanlines
      Generates halftone pattern lines and applies a contrast correction. It gives a dramatic and intense look the photo, awesime with urban and underground sceneries.
  • Movie Effect
    Applies an incredible colors and exposure correction to the image generating a strong cinematic contrast and a dramatic atmosphere.

If you have any more amazing photoshop actions, please share with us.


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