5 Tips in Increasing your Site Referral Traffic


Business groups use social media very widely in this current internet generation. Social media and traffic is so sought after that companies spend money for it. In this article, we will talk about driving traffic to your blogs or business website using the power of social media only and for free!

Site Referral TrafficOrganic Vs. Referral Vs. Social Traffic

Before we go on for those traffic tips, let us discuss three common methods of traffic, which are organic and referral. Organic traffic comes from search engines such as Google or Yahoo, while referral, as the name implies, is traffic that originates from, or referred, by other websites. Lastly, social refers simply to traffic that comes from social sources such as social networking sites such as the ever popular Facebook, Twitter and other bookmarking and social sites. Since referral traffic is an effective choice, as it may encompass social traffic as well, let us get into tips to maximize its effectiveness!

5 Tips for Better Referral Traffic without Organic means

One way to drive traffic is going in depth and technically coding your website. If you do not want to do with algorithms and organic search tools such as Google’s, here are 5 effective tips you can use instead!

1. Social Media Promotions

As previously mentioned, social networking sites are great tools for creating exposure to attract traffic. Let us now discuss 5 of those sites and tips for each to maximize success.

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Let us start the tips with perhaps the top 3 popular social networking sites as all of them allow easy creation of profiles and pages which allow for easy sharing. First off, there is a website called HootSuite where you can place your blog posts with customizable images that aids in branding. HootSuite also allows you to choose the image you want to share on Facebook to make sure your image there fits your posts. HootSuite is fully compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so it allows you to share posts on 3 multiple platforms in one single website to simplify things. Another tip is to put your HootSuite link in your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn posts for more exposure.

For Facebook, always share your Facebook page and not your Facebook profile. This will draw more traffic as people likes the interaction and liking posts, commenting on them and sharing to friends which multiplies the viral power.

  • social cloudGoogle+

Google+ may not be very popular right now but this allows sharing up to 100,000 characters, unlike others that cannot even reach 500. Google+ updates are being indexed by Google so it will be easier for people to find your posts so consider using this. Many functions like text and formatting are done for you too to make life easier. Tips to further attract people are to make sure to sign in as your brand page, and put first the URL of your post before anything else to reflect your blog entry. Put in your entire blog texts there too as Google+ allows this, allowing your users to directly read your blogs there. Then simply click share to spread the word in the Google world!

  • Pinterest

Many have underestimated Pinterest but this is now the 3rd largest social networking site. This is a pin-board based image sharing site that is very attractive. Basic tips for this is to simply pin about things that are new and interesting, always employ unique and catchy images. Strategically put the “Pin It” button in your websites, and make it a point to create a vast array of strategic pin boards to encourage conversation. Create also unique promos like Sony have done, like unlocking a certain promo board after a certain item is “repinned” 20 times. Monitor Pinterest statistics by using Pinreach or Curalate and act accordingly to improve stats.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is done by writing blogs for another bloggers’ website that has the same niche as you or your blogs. In return, you get to engage with their site’s loyal readers and back links from their site to yours! This is really a win-win situation for both guest and host. The primary goal of guest posting is added exposure and relationship building and is indeed a high tier link building strategy so take time to search for niche buddies and do guest postings. This will drive traffic from their sites to your blog.

3. Engage with your Niche

You cannot have fish if you won’t reel them in, right? So engage with your target niche! A great head start will always be to know and research about your potential targets, gather them then plan on great courses of actions to reach out and attract them in. As discussed previously, Facebook and other sites can be used to attract traffic so put into heart those mentioned tips. Just focus first on each social site’s tools for filtering and inviting users such as Facebook’s search tool, build audience, share page, and other functions. It is easy to endorse your business websites and pages using those so do not hesitate to use them. You can use different social media platforms to socialize with the people who checks out your blog or your business’ website. Give thanks to retweets and mentions on twitter, respond to the comments garnered by your blogs and guest posts from different sites, and comment to other blog sites within your niche. From there, regularly keep them updated about the happenings in your business, and stay in touch with them! Through this technique, you’ll generate a following on your blog and would drive more traffic to your site.

4. RSS Feeds Subscription, Social Bookmarking and Email Marketing

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication which allows you to “syndicate” or spread your site content or blogs. RSS allows for personalized views for different sites and allow automatic updates for your audience’s convenience. You can have your feeds by embedding an RSS standard orange symbol button which can easily be done by using an API such as Google AJAX Feed API. There are websites to customize RSS feed contents, which then will allow you to preview it, then generate code for you to copy paste too your blog website code. Have an RSS widget for your users to subscribe too for them to be easily updated without having the need to go to your website each time. Your users will just have to have an RSS Aggregator program with your website link embedded there for them to be updated always in an easy manner to further attract them in.

Orange RSS backgroundYou can also use the power of Social bookmarks like stumble upon, digg and reddit. These social bookmarks allows you to broadcast what you have in your site to the whole network of the web. You can also add links to these social bookmarks for increased visibility for your website. Bookmark valuable stuff so people would bookmark you that will allow them to checkout your site in a regular basis. This means Traffic.

Take advantage too of the power and simplicity of Email by sending out information of your business and inviting them to all your social and business websites! This is a very powerful means of reaching people who are not yet in your community. This will drive new visitors to your website.

5. Building Relationship/community within your niche

Needless to say, it will be very helpful too if you can build a relationship or community within your audience. Simply hear their thoughts and open boards for discussions or comments about anything. Offer help and be open for requests from them about what blogs they want to read from you or what info about your business they would like to know about. This will have a good impact on your reputation and will allow trust and respect to come to you which will surely yield you more and more followers! Building relationship is giving value. When you give people valuable information through your comments, tweets or posts they will be enthusiastic to visit your blog for they know there’s more valuable information in it.

So there you have it! Follow these 5 tips and for sure, you will not only garner referral traffic, but you will also create value and branding to make you a reputable and respected businessman or blogger!

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Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, an alumna of Business Management at Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter.

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