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For people like me who has close to zero code nor design skills the most important thing when creating a new site is to get content published very quickly, it should look professional and also be very usable for visitors. Because I’d rather want to spend time on content and website optimization and not on learning advanced coding.

Theme Masters

Generally these markets function as places where lots of designers showcase their collection of themes that can be purchased one on one. They are popular for the sheer endless amount of stand-alone-themes you can choose from, though quality is really of varying levels. Professional support and bug fixing is not provided by the market owner. The creator of the template himself is responsible for upport and in most cases speed and availability is limited if you report a problem.

1. Templatic

templatic redfox


2. Theme-Junkie

themejunkie redfox


3. Woo Themes

woothemes redfox

Woo Themes

4. Rocket Themes

rocketthemes redfox

Rocket Themes

5. Mojo-Themes

mojothemes redfox


6. StudioPress

studiopress redfox


7. ThemeForest

themeforest redfox


8. Elegant Themes

elegantthemes redfox

Elegant Themes

9. Press75

press75 redfox


10. Template Monster

templatemonster redfox

Template Monster

11. ThemeGarden


Theme Garden

12. DIYThemes


DIV Themes

13. JoomlaShack



14. Gorilla Themes


Gorilla Themes

15. Yoo Themes


Yoo Themes

16. iThemes



17. Organic Themes


Organic Themes

18. Flexx Themes


Flexx Themes

19. WPZoom Themes


WPZoom Themes

20. PremiumPress


Premium Press

I would say there is no best option where to buy premium themes and which theme provider model is the superior one. It depends on a lot of factors such as purpose of your site, individual taste, number of sites you are managing, web CMS knowledge and development skills and more.

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  1. Shekhar Mehta

    Nice list friend..there are few more websites where you can buy premium wordpress theme at very low rate..and their wordpress themes are really nice..one can look at http://www.fmys.com . website look new but they are having some good wordpress themes..

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