10+ Web 2.0 Web Elements With Photoshop Files

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Many of you don’t know what is web 2.0, as i know Web 2.0 should be known as for blogs, social bookmarking, Wikis and RSS which includes advanced internet technology. The major component of Web 2.0 are the technological advances enabled technique called Ajax., for more details you can lookout the ZDNet article.

Most of the web 2.0 sites used some dynamic web elements and make their sites so clean and perfect to stay their sites for long time. The same web 2.0 web elements i am sharing here. Web 2.0 web elements includes Buttons, Search Bar, Login Box, Badges, Headers and many other more which you see on sales sites.Files are included .psd format so you can edit those files.

1. Web 2.0 Buttons & Extras

web 2.0 web elements


2. Web 2.0 Web Design


3. 200 Web Buttons Icons Set


4. Web 2.0 Style Brushes


5. Web 2.0 Peeling Sticker


6. Web 2.0 Color Palette


7. Web 2.0 PSD Pack


8. Web 2.0 Stickers, Buttons & Boxes


9. Web 2.0 Search Input Field


10. Clean Web Elements


11. Web 2.0 Buttons


I found only these free stuff. You can find more but have to pay for web 2.0 web elements

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