Free Premium Membership For 14 days Trial

- - How-To is one of the best video tutorial training of most of the excellent courses like 3D software, Apps, video and audio editing, database, web design and lots of more which i can’t describe here because the list is long, they have around 100k video tutorials :).


One of the guest email me the link to sign up the premium membership for 14 days trial period. I have just try my own and i success, check out the screenshot below:

Free Premium Membership

As you can see the screenshot is not lying and you can able to get the 14 days trial period to access all the video tutorials with exercise files. Click on the link below to register the trial version before they offer has expire.

How to:


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Follow this url – and choose Premium Membership “Month-To-Month” in case you want to download the exercise file.

Note: You need to enter your Credit Card details in order to register for the trial period. However they will not charge you anything till 14 days but you should set the reminder of the cancellation, if you don’t want to continue the course otherwise they will charge the amount according to your plan.


You should try the free premium membership and see learn the useful courses at free of cost for 14 days.



Best Method To Optimize Your WordPress To Score A Grade In Google

- - Tutorials

Do you know how and why most of the leading WordPress blog has a traffic to their blog, the reason is “they are highly optimized their websites” which not take their blog loading speed more than 2 seconds or ever less plus all are systematic like Images, Javascript and CSS files which helps to make their blog faster.

Now you are asking some questions yourself – “Did they outsource someone” or “Definitely they are in fast VPS or Dedicated Server“. No dude, nothing was here. Like in this blog, my blog was hosted on a shared server.  Most of the people say, shared server is not good for WordPress but i am saying, shared server is also like a VPS or dedicated in WordPress, only you have to maintain all those things like a Pro.

Recently, my blog has now reached the top grade score in the Google page score “90+ A Grade” . If you don’t believe this, take a look at the recent screenshot of GTmetrix.
Wordpress speed up optimization guide

Now you can see the above screenshot of GTmetrix. I had reached the score 96% with the total load time of 1.63 seconds and total number of requests is 43.

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Brackets – Best Open Source HTML, CSS, Javascript Code Editor

- - News, Software

As I am the web designer but in the last couple of days before my mind tells me to do the web development too. So i have started learning about the CSS programming. I always hear about the software which is famous and most popular names as Adobe Dreamweaver. I also have used Adobe Dreamweaver and yes it is easy to do the job their BUT every good software you have to pay the price too.


So i started searching about the open source code editor, some developers using Notepad++ which this is also not provide you like Adobe Dreamweaver, so what’s the alternate software.

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Wall Calendar With Inspirational Quotes Only At $5 Price

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Like previously I have created one wall calendar which I have given as a freebie. This time I have created a different type of a wall calendar with inspirational quotes that can make your buyers or you feel strong when they read and follow what it was written on the calendar. This wall calendar contain 12 month period with 12 different inspirational quotes which means 12 PSD file which you can able to edit and write your own text.

wall calendar with inspirational quotes


Original View

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Retro Vintage Colors Effects With PSD File

- - Photoshop

This one was created to make one of my images back to the old days, not very old like 50s but this retro vintage color effect will make my photos remind me how the camera of past years when there is computer invented. Anyways i am providing the PSD file with retro vintage colors effects so you can easily replace the images with the current one.

retro vintage colors effects

There are only around 5 colors and one color correction tool to make retro vintage effects.  You think creating the retro effect is tough but it is too easy to do.

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Mobile Sale Flyer Design Only $5 Price

- - Shop

This is my first mobile sale flyer design which i am going to SELL at $5 price. This mobile sale flyer will help all mobile shop owners to promote mobiles deals. You can also use these for magazine printing and advertisement. Check out the other details of the flyer given below:

mobile sale flyer

Original View

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8 Starburst Stripes Design

- - Freebies

I have seen in the banners and specially on the Facebook timeline cover, even myself also using the Starburst stripes so my products showcase looks more attractive. So here i am sharing my 8 starburst stripes design colors. It is actually not the PSD file to edit those starburst stripes. I have created all and merge it together. So you will download the PSD file and check it by yourself. You only have to free transform and scale it for the bigger size.

starburst stripes

Download the PSD file given below:

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Rollover Social Media Buttons With PSD File

- - Photoshop

Rollover effects are always amazing on websites. Previously most of the rollover effects done in flash but now we have photoshop which we can do it easily. I have created around top 12 rollover social media buttons. You have to know the basic CSS programming and that’s it.

rollover social media buttons

This rollover effect is awesome if you have a black website interface. So whenever the visitor moves the mouse cursor to one of the social networking buttons, its change from dark black to colorful media buttons.

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